Artist Maltsev Alexander Ivanovich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Samara

Alexander Maltsev, was born in 1959 in the village of "Star" of the Samara region. There is first picked up a brush, resulting in confusion parents. But from this vicious boy, chained to two years in a hospital bed because of spinal diseases, only one could expect ... Next on the rise: traction to draw everything and everywhere, up the works of great masters, without training in receipt of the Samara Art School on the first try. Individualism is generally the cornerstone for Maltsev. "Artist only held when he found his own distinct style of all. Today there is no concept of" school "-is only the creator and the canvas in front of him," - said Alexander. But then a 80-s not all shared this opinion. So after graduation, Maltsev had decided to leave from Samara. I wrote a year for 50-60 canvases, rolls took them to Moscow, he studied ancient Russian art, talked with the Moscow artists.
And he noticed. Grew out of the once famous exhibitions of contemporary art gallery in the Little Georgian "Mars" has bought 50 canvases, half was immediately sold out. Maltsev meanwhile, worked as a guard for 90 rubles to support his family and was very surprised at the head of a huge fallen on those standards, money and writing a proposal to urgently leave the capital for further study in the International Art Academy in Yugoslavia, which he successfully completed.
The Academy has formed and strengthened the basis for creation of Alexander: an unusual approach to thinking about color, icon-painting techniques of addiction is almost unlimited internal dynamics. A symbiosis of iconography and expressionism - as some critics have called the style, which works Maltsev.
He does not use much color, but it only emphasizes the symbolic of nagruzku.Ved for external simplicity is always kept secret. And with pictures: the obvious seems to you the story, the clearer that the key to it is required.
The canvas can be admired for a long time Maltsev, while constantly discovering new things. But the most surprising discovery for visitors is not the quirkiness of the plot or the play of colors, not even a powerful energy, emanating from each blade, and the space within the picture. Amazingly, it does not stand still. It is in constant motion. It is worth to see ...
Curriculum Vitae:
Alexander Maltsev, graduated from the Samara Art School, the International Academy of hudozhestvannuyu in Yugoslavia. He studied the ancient Russian art of icon painting.
1988 .- Moscow Transavangard
1989 .- Exhibition "Edamremutts Restructuring" Germany
1994, 1995 .- Exhibition "Russian Collection. End of the Twentieth Century" gallery "Mars", Moscow
1994 .- solo exhibition in Moscow in the gallery of "Mars"
1996 .- Center Nahyan Tapan Yerevan
1996 .- Exhibition in the State Tretyakov Gallery and Modern Art department of the Samara Regional Art Museum
1996 .- Gallery "Noah Kavcheg" Lebanon g.Beyrut
1996 .- Exhibition "Gallery in the Gallery" in Moscow
1996 .- Exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts, AS Pushkin, Moscow
2000 .- Exhibition in the gallery "Meriada" Samara
2002 .- Exhibition in the gallery "Art Credo" Togliatti
The works are:
State Tretyakov Gallery 1.B
2.In the museum's collection of "Mars"
3.In the corporate collection Zig-Zag Venture Group, USA
4.B collection of Brian Mulroney (former president of Canada)
5.B collection of MS Gorbachev (1st President of the USSR)
6.B Owned Gerhard Schroeder (German chancellor)
7B Owned Titov KA (governor of the Samara region)
8.V private collections in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, France, Russia, Portugal, the United States.
9.B Samara Regional Art Museum.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Barb
2010 y. / 80x100 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Looking
2005 y. / 140x200 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Wrath of the Gods
2005 y. / 140x200 cm
27 000 €
Painting (Picture) : Victim of volcanic
2011 y. / 140x200 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : God's face
2005 y. / 200x140 cm
28 000 €