Artist Konstantinov Leonid Nikolaevich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Saint-Petersburg

Was born in 1970 in д. Пальцево to Bologovsky r thow Tver region; the illustrator of books (on stories, a military-historical direction) lives and works in Udomle of the Tver region.

«The main theme of graphic artist Leonid Konstantinova – Russian history. As seldom now in showrooms of cities of Russia it is possible to see so popular and traditional genre of the fine arts. Now in art there were such concepts, as« commercial interest »and a fashion. Now it is difficult to be the national artist, to underline in the works an accessory to Russian People, its history and culture. Behind shoulders of the 39-year-old artist of 99 exhibitions. He is a winner and the student of exhibitions in Moscow and Tver. For Leonid Konstantinova there is no provincial history for the history of each region of Russia is a part of a great thousand-year epopee of Russian People».

Themes of Russian history over which worked and artist Leonid Nikolaevich Konstantinov works:

1. 1990-2001 – «History of the Tver princedom. Grand duke Michael Jaroslavovich Tverskoj».
2. 2001-2005 – «the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945»
3. 2003-2004 – «the Name in the history of Udomelsky edge» (a cycle of the works devoted to outstanding persons of different times, ever living and creating on the Udomelsky earth – A.Arakcheev, D.Mendeleev, G.Soroka, A.Popov etc.).
4. 2005 – «the Name in the history of Bologovsky edge» (a cycle of graphic works for Bologovsky museum of local lore).
5. 2004-2005 – «On hills of Manchuria» (by century of the Russian-Japanese war 1904-1905)
6. 2006 – «Travel in East Tien Shan and Nurses-shan 1893-1895» (to the 150 anniversary of Russian traveller V.I.Roborovskogo).
7. 2006 – «Scenes of the Time of Troubles» (history of Pomostja in the XVII-th century beginning). Has illustrated more than 50 books on Fatherland stories.
8. 2009г. – «An image in Russian fairy tale».

Has illustrated more than 50 books on Fatherland stories.

Work list
Drawing : Bird Gamayun
2010 y. / 29x42 cm
505 €
Drawing : Live take it!
2010 y. / 59x41 cm
701 €
Drawing : Princess Olga. The river Msta
2004 y. / 29x42 cm
21 000 Rubles
Drawing : Nestorka
2006 y. / 29x42 cm
21 000 Rubles