Artist Polozhentseva Love (ninel) Alexandrovna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Kazan

A little about Ninel ...

Much is known about Ninel, but much more remains incomprehensible. Understanding of the place in Ninel history of modern art is similar to the perception of her paintings - the tangible and clear images are at the same time full of uncertainty and ambiguity. Creativity and Ninel had a big impact on contemporary art of many of its fields. It is a contradictory combination of progressive social aspirations, and expression of the crisis of contemporary art. Unerring sense of boundaries, sharp as a sense of the gap, allowing it prodelyvat incredible things, allegedly to show the absolute freedom and still be on the other side of the face being young and in search of himself, Ninel sought not only his style of painting, but also wrote many poems , articles and literary works that have led some in shock, while others admired. Own hands, Ninel, she had created a name. As an artist, a symbolist, has acquired a unique, brilliant style, anyone not like, and in general, it is worth noting that Ninel wants to construct a very fragile bridge between two such dissimilar worlds, living both in person and in the surrounding reality . On account of the artist, many written works. Many say that number - does not mean quality, in the case of Ninel all the way around, the more she writes, the "wise" are her work. Many of the paintings the artist rejected and resisted relentless criticism, but they also were part of her work. The best? The worst? Time will tell. Not only do we have artists been truthful, you never know talented art? However, the distance between Ninel and other huge - a whole do not fill the gap. Ninel - the truth is that it is needed, what love, what is most precious in the world. Triptych paintings Ninel - "Kosmos", "No Exit" and "Life", produced a massive furore and a breakthrough among the many paintings in the style of the symbolism. Particularly controversial is perceived picture "Kosmos". What is it? Confusion of dogmas or plagiarism? Well ... Time will ..


Polozhentseva Love (working under the pseudonym Ninel) was born in Russia in the city of Voronezh, March 5, 1972. In 1979 he went to high school. Already as a child artist was seen as its surroundings talent for painting. Childhood of the artist held in harsh conditions that fostered the artist in the iron will and strong character, which, combined with natural talent, show us today, a unique personality, bright in his creative self-expression.

In parallel, learning in high school, she studied at art school. Later went to art school, where she continued to improve their skills in painting. Thanks to its incredible energy and the internal needs of the artist to create, Ninel constantly finds new opportunities for creative experimentation, expanding the variety of genres of his work.

It appeals not only to portraits, landscapes, plot sketches, but also paints a purely spiritual content. The object of interest is a person, society, the whole universe as a whole. Creativity Ninel versatile and original. Perhaps, someone other can so vividly describe the past, the present and the future of mankind.

In 1991 she was married. In 1995, the hastily moved to St. Petersburg with her collection of pictures.. During this period of her life she works closely with other artists, along with organizing the exhibition. Some of them were in the exhibition hall Manege. Just a group of talented artists it holds closed an exhibition of his work for a narrow circle of people. After that, she offered to sign a contract to use her work in design studios, but she refuses. At this time, Ninel enjoys the scenery. In landscapes and studies Ninel guess the artist's desire to all the great, unknown, and the Perfect. In these paintings the artist opens a viewer that indescribable joy before the majesty of the earth. St. Petersburg - is a favorite city of the artist. In the pictures on the St. Petersburg, felt a keen understanding of the soul of this city, the rhythm of the streets, canals, squares and the dynamics of living roofs, the perfection of reality and romantic essence of St. Petersburg. Landscapes, written by Ninel in St. Petersburg, represent the whole story about his beloved city. It's not just admiring the individual views of St. Petersburg, is to create tracks, live his imaginative fullness. Each painting is a unique story of St. Petersburg and the inner experience of the artist.

After impressing on the world of art, Ninel meets with a group of international artists. Ninel visited Lemberg, Vienna, Venice, Milan, Ravenna, Rome, Palermo, Florence, Naples and spent two months in Switzerland. She is actively interested in the latest themes in European painting, visiting museums. In 1998, there is another event in the career of the artist - the organization of large-scale exhibition in Chicago, along with foreign artists.

In 1998, sent to Moscow at the invitation of local artists. There is involved, and organizes exhibitions. Together with his group tries to open new directions in painting.

In 1999, on a tour to Russia with his collection of works. In his spare time working on new paintings. The public perceives the good work of the artist, and most surprisingly, as a general criticism of delight.

Since 2002, she lived in Saratov, and also actively participated in numerous exhibitions. During this time, visiting Sydney, where he spent the exhibition, to meet new artists, becoming more and more fans of his art.

Since 2005, became involved in symbolism, has ceased to exhibit, the paintings sold steady customers.

Ninel works are in private collections in Russia and abroad. There is information that will be exposed in Ninel end of 2011. At the exhibitions will also be presented new works by the artist. Today she lives in Russia in the republic of Tatarstan.

The most expensive painting sold is called the "Louvre", valued at $ 358,000. Today this picture in Germany in a private collection.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Beads
2006 y. / 45x60 cm
1 400 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Ischia
2009 y. / 40x30 cm
2 360 €
Painting (Picture) : Flowers in pat
2010 y. / 50x50 cm
120 €
Painting (Picture) : Flowers
2010 y. / 40x54 cm
120 €
Painting (Picture) : 2 Flower
2010 y. / 30x40 cm
80 €
Painting (Picture) : Ischia Night
2010 y. / 40x30 cm
2 360 €
Painting (Picture) : Nous
2011 y. / 85x85 cm
35 000 €
Painting (Picture) : 11
2010 y. / 70x45 cm
11 000 €
Painting (Picture) : Kosmos
2010 y. / 58x58 cm
50 000 €
Painting (Picture) : Peacock
2007 y. / 75x98 cm
900 €
Painting (Picture) : Paysage with birch trees
2008 y. / 70x50 cm
800 €
Painting (Picture) : Autumn
2011 y. / 70x50 cm
800 €
Painting (Picture) : Man in Lavender
2011 y. / 58x94 cm
5 800 €
Painting (Picture) : Man in Pink
2011 y. / 58x94 cm
4 100 €
Painting (Picture) : Man in Green
2011 y. / 58x92 cm
5 300 €
Painting (Picture) : Nature Morte with a knife
2010 y. / 51x40 cm
1 400 €
Painting (Picture) : Bouquet of chrysanthemums
2009 y. / 40x53 cm
1 200 €
Painting (Picture) : Bouquet of Tulips
2010 y. / 62x45 cm
800 €
Painting (Picture) : Night City
2009 y. / 26x41 cm
1 300 €
Painting (Picture) : Ischia
2009 y. / 45x60 cm
1 580 €