Artist Pimenova Svetlana Germanovna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

I remember drawing lesson in 5th grade. Before we put the effigy of the woodpecker and we started. The lesson ended, we passed the pencil drawings of the teacher and I somehow think that the estimates have put us immediately. And I remember a classmate Vasya Cousin, who did not agree with his satisfactory mark, demanding explanations and could not understand why his small woodpecker got such a low rating. In the end, from exhaustion under the pressure of the student, the teacher took my picture and put it in front of Vasya and said: "That's why I put the highest score!"
        Since then I feel like a real painter!
         Then there was the first love, of course, in the artist Oleg Vidov. Thus was his portrait in pencil. Started portraiture. Where this portrait now - is unknown. Apparently the actor is not the one I was a fan.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Sorrow
2016 y. / 60x40 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Country house
2012 y. / 50x60 cm
2 500 €
Painting (Picture) : Sunlight
2012 y. / 30x40 cm
1 000 €
Painting (Picture) : yellow lily
2013 y. / 50x60 cm
4 000 €
Painting (Picture) : Pink roses
2011 y. / 40x50 cm
5 000 €
Painting (Picture) : Bouquet in a glass
2011 y. / 60x50 cm
3 000 €