Artist Legchanova Julia Vasilevna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Was born on January, 23rd 1976 г in Cherepovets. In 1998 г has finished Humanitarian University, fine arts faculty, and a course of the organization of space. Seven years worked as the designer-set dresser of an interior in civil engineering firm "Union-system" and the teacher at art school "KIND"
In 2007г the exhibition in the Mercy House where both physicians, and patients positive influence of pictures on a state of mind has been estimated has taken place. There are responses and the letter in the newspaper.
In 2008г.была the personal exhibition from the project "Movement" in the New Century is spent. Same year in Tea club "Camellia".
In 2009 of the Picture the Spirit and a reality »in Moscow participated in the international exhibition«. Have been published in the catalog. Whether
in 2010 under the invitation of the editor of magazine «Consciousness Awakening» the personal exhibition-sale of pictures at the international conference American metaphysics of Kerrola (Крайон) in a hall of Izmajlovo in Moscow has been spent. At an exhibition all pictures have been sold to buyers from Sweden, Ukraine, Belorusii, Uzbekistan, Germany, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Irkutsk, and other and also the contract with the Odessa publishing house on creation of drawings of an exclusive author's pack of Taro has been concluded.
In the summer 2010 at stadium the Builder during an exhibition of dogs from club «Diamond crown» the art exhibition with portraits of different breeds of pets is spent.
Many pictures are located in the medical centers, tea: "East-West", "Source", "Camellia", Tea in the Center of Martial arts, the mercy House, «МИРС», in modern art galleries, in Internet galleries.
In December 2010 picture «Bowl of Graal» participated in the international exhibition «High water» in Moscow Vernadsky's museum.
In 2011 in April the individual exhibition in center "Creation" г Moscow at Patricia Kori's conference has taken place.
In May 2011 art exhibition in Izmajlovo at conference of Krajona.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : star rain
2011 y. / 50x40 cm
8 500 €