Artist Mazova Elena V

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Elena Mazova was born in 1974 in Moscow, Russia. Since her early years she had been dreaming of becoming a fairy and devoted all her activities and pastimes to this dream.
For Elena Mazova, art is a way of life. She makes her pictures to lift her spirits up and relieve other people from boredom and depression, to inspire them with their own creative enthusiasm.
Elena Mazova is a professional astrologist and has an astrological, technical and liberal arts education. She writes books on applied and philosophical astrology which are being published since 1995. Since 1997, she has dedicated herself to techno art style and is a member of the International Art Foundation. Her first personal exhibition was held in 1999.
List of selected exhibitions: Inspiration art shop, Zhukovsky, 1999. Creative Union, Moscow, 2007. Saburovo gallery-club, Moscow, 2008. Heritage State Exhibition Hall and Museum, Moscow, 2008. Permanent exhibitions: All Things New beauty shop and office of the ROSTkniga publishing house, Moscow. Selling exhibition: Design of Fortune shop, Moscow.
Online exhibitions: Saatchi gallery, London:; Saatchi gallery branch in Moscow:; Arifics art-magazine:; open web-gallery, Y
Appearance on TV: in autumn 2005, Vremechko TV-channel featured Elena Mazova and her pictures in its program. Stolitsa channel in March, 2008 and TNT channel in June, 2008 showed a piece on her pictures.

Story of Making the Pictures
I felt sad. Everything in my life seemed to go wrong, not like I wanted it, everything turned against me. It looked like the situation itself was trying to drive me out of my life in which I had been very sure before. I needed to resist the circumstances, to prove to the world that I am in the right place...
The room was cluttered. Someone scattered buttons about the table; beside the computer there lay a couple of defective CDs which should have been thrown away; a piece of fibreboard, which once had served as a shelf, protruded from behind a wardrobe; scraps of adhesive tape spotted the floor after some home repairs done by someone from the family. Had I been in my “normal” state, I would have cleaned it up, but I was in a kind of stupor, tensely looking for the solution of my problems. This altered state didn’t let me act as usual. I looked at buttons: two buttons are little eyes, five buttons — mouth, one in the centre — nose. What a funny face! And a laser disc would make a good head... Where’s that fibreboard...
I cleaned the piece of fibreboard from dust and started gluing an ornament of adhesive tape on its shiny side. I put a disc in the centre and attached long strands of tape as rays. This is how the sun came about. I was carried away, I found another suitable base, like plywood or acrylic plastic, rummaged drawers and came across old vinyls, some broken clock, tiny parts of different used household devices, and stuck all these good for nothing trifles on the base. In a couple of days I made five pictures, and then I ordered frames, designed them properly, and took to an art shop. It felt like an unprecedented boldness, even impudence — I wasn’t an artist, I couldn’t even draw. But I thought that, perhaps, this action would change something in my life, that it might convince the forces of nature in my worth, persuade them that I deserved something better than simply sit and wait till someone would let me live like I wanted.
The art shop — in the person of its director, a professional and working artist, regularly holding his personal exhibitions — accepted my pictures. They met me like a colleague, admired my work and asked where I studied. I was ashamed to confess that I never studied fine arts.
I began to enjoy it more and more, made some more pictures and took them to other shops. I made pictures as gifts and decorations for my home. About a year later, my friends and relatives who already had at least one of my works shared their impressions. One said his son fell in love with my picture, he was less peevish and healthier since it’d been hung in their home. Another one — a gambler — stated with smile that, before leaving for the casino, he always put a hand to the centre of his picture and never lost. Someone’s family relations improved, someone became more even-tempered, others noticed that nobody reproached them any more of memory like a sieve. My friends started asking me to make a picture as a talisman to solve a specific problem. All in all, possessing knowledge of astrology, it isn’t too difficult to choose the right colours and composition so that the picture could improve the situation in certain aspects of life of a person. And now a countless number of such talisman pictures warm the soul of those who received them as a present or purchased in a shop.
As a rule, I make a picture especially for the person who is soon to come into my life, who is to seek my advice as an astrologer, or who is in any other way connected with my destiny. Of course, I can’t know for sure for who I make a picture, but my experience shows that for each new work there suddenly comes a new owner. As if I feel where the stream of life is moving and who it leads to me.
I don’t know how to draw, but, apparently, I possess a certain sense of harmony because, judging by what other people, including experts, say about me, my pictures are harmonious and laconic. Mainly they are composed of all kinds of metalware because I like this durable material, and of CDs. From the astrological point of view, iron is the material of Mars, whereas different sorts of plastic and other modern materials are related to Uranus. Mars is a planet of energy, whereas Uranus is a planet of ultimate organization, of ideal order. My pictures aid in sorting out the mess in the outer world and inner world of people. Traditionally, iron is considered an aggressive material, but not a single viewer, not even a child, feels the slightest tint of aggression in my pictures. Probably, because energy and aggressiveness of iron Mars is regulated by organizing Uranus.
It is obvious that pictures have changed my life, that is, they helped me cope with the circumstances which were destroying my harmony. For me, they became talismans of a happy life. When one fells good, he wants to share his joy, and this is what I do by arranging exhibitions of my pictures which amaze, delight, inspire creativity in others or, by emanating some unusual organizing energy, help people to get over their troubles.

Work list
Pannel : Manager
2008 y. / 31x21 cm
5 000 Rubles
Decor : Сапфир
2011 y. / 44x35 cm
8 000 Rubles
Decor : Ясновидящий
2011 y. / 68x46 cm
11 000 Rubles
Decor : Пикассо
2008 y. / 47x47 cm
7 000 Rubles