Artist Goulenko Igor Vladimirovitch

Country: Uzbekistan
City: Tashkent

Gulenko Igor Vladimirovich (1950-1999) – the artist of cinema. Was born in Tashkent. Studied in Republican art school of Benkov's (1972-1976) Pct, TTHI of A.N.Ostrovsky (1976-1982). Since 1981 beginnings to work at a film studio "Uzbekfilm" of K.Yarmatov. Member of SK USSR (1985), CX USSR (1989). The winner of an award of Hamza (1986). Art director of films «Youth of the genius», «Farewell greens of summer …», "Shock".

Work list
Drawing : municipa le paysage
1980 y. / 64.7x53.5 cm
24 000 Rubles