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Artist Barabash Alisa Iosifovna

Country: Greece
City: Tessaloniki

Alice Barabash - artist, positioning itself as a representative of a new aesthetic direction BONIZMA (Latin bona, bonum - the good, multiplication), was born in Sukhumi in 1974, graduated from Art College in 1997 majoring in graphic designer, and then ASU educator specializing in iso 2002

By the mature works of A. Barabash came around the age of thirty, when I found your original, innovative perspective on things and deeply comprehended his human destiny. Since then, the creative process was not easy for her area of ​​skill and refined technique, but a means of relaxation - a window into the inner sphere of the spiritual world. Indeed, the work of this talented artist emit light of peace and spiritual mysteries, set up the contemplative mood to the highest contemplation of the Supreme Symbol of life. On a number of her works can be said that they have enduring value and are an echo of true innovation in painting. The secret to this breakthrough, this is, say, without exaggeration, a major achievement in the field of artistic activity? The key to the decipherment of this aesthetic phenomenon is in understanding the nature of theurgic art. A. Barabash - is a gifted conductor with a thin theurgic myth of Sophia, a mysterious incarnation of the Creator. The ancient myth of Wisdom multiplied in her work, has become a truly BONICHESKIM WAY, that is, the carrier in a good light, and multiplying the truth. Another weighty piece that shed light on the source of inspiration in the work of the artist lit. A. Barabash, being endowed with a fine poetic taste, often in his work is based on the works of art of Roman Barabash, his brother, the poet, theurgy, the author's three-volume epic "Bell IMYASLAVIYA." The image of the poet-evangelist permeates almost all the paintings Barabash, as evidence ringing scenic held sacred by the Agreement between life and a new humanity. The idea of ​​this Agreement clearly embodied in the "Scarlet Swan" (2006), where the center of the canvas embodies a symbolic image of SOFIA as a crowned swan, surrounded by two witnesses: the first one - a poet, who discovered the essence of the supreme symbol, and the second - the artist , to contemplate and embodies the birth of this theurgic act. Apart in a series of works by Barabash should work - "Bulletin Board" (2008). In this painting embodies the symphonic nature of the divine Council: Sofia in five mysterious likah. These images are not amenable to straightforward interpretation, but it marks a higher acceptance in the bowels of the perfect Sofia. On the canvas, "The Tree of Life" (2006) reflected the symbolic means lost branch of the holy family, which stands at the origins of the first couple blessed mankind - Adam and Eve. Canvas "Star of the Caucasus" (2008) marks the phenomenon of "rider on a white horse", which meted out to defeat the chaos inspired by the power of poetic words. Operation "Rainbow Covenant" (2006) is a courageous act of playing the idea of ​​the evolution of the Covenant, and once the momentum of this sacred act of asking a person creative warehouse, poets, writers, judging from the books, birds flying into the depths of the celestial spheres. A striking example of meditative painting is the painting "Contemplation" (2007), which embodied the image of an enlightened girl contemplating symbol of unity. BONICHESKY Myth reaches its climax in the "Sofia-artist", where the artist was through symbolic images to link together the complex picture of multi-polar space and find the original graphic techniques for the realization of the Radiant Image Sofia. In "The Ascension" (2006) discloses the verge transfima and combined different time vectors Stories by translating the image of Elijah the prophet, and poet-evangelist, "the last time." Another shining example of artistic realization of the myth is BONCHESKOGO canvas "Evening Garden" (2005), which also embodies the idea of ​​a multipolar world and the image of the poet-Herald as a guarantor of this unity. A kind of crowning work of A. Barabash should recognize the work of "Honey Poetry" (2005), which captures the Gazette Sophia, seated on albatrosses and pen hitting a spear giant wasp, embodying top predator in nature.

By A. Barabash are so exciting and powerful because of the mature convincing combination of formal and mythical content, multiplied by a reliable, hard-won experience of initiation to the highest truth of life that emphasizes it is not only an artistic force the hand, but also a great soul, a bright man's heart .
Currently works and lives in Greece, Solar Hellas.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Bulletin Board
2008 y. / 100x100 cm
3 270 €
Painting (Picture) : star Caucasus
2008 y. / 100x100 cm
3 100 €
Painting (Picture) : The Ascension
2006 y. / 100x100 cm
3 400 €
Painting (Picture) : The poet-evangelist
2008 y. / 100x100 cm
3 300 €
Painting (Picture) : Honey poetry
2005 y. / 100x100 cm
3 850 €
Painting (Picture) : Rainbow Covenant
2007 y. / 100x100 cm
2 700 €
Painting (Picture) : Tree of Life
2006 y. / 100x100 cm
3 800 €
Painting (Picture) : Sofia-artist
2007 y. / 100x100 cm
2 850 €
Painting (Picture) : Crimson Swan
2006 y. / 100x100 cm
4 250 €