Artist Sultanova Natalya

Country: Russian Federation
City: Saint-Petersburg

Natalya Sultanova was born on june 14, 1975, in Serov, Russia, where she finished the Art school. In 1993, she was admitted to the State Pedagogical institute on the art-grafic department in Nizhny Tagil. She graduated from the institute in 1998. Since 1995 Natalya Sultanova has exhibited his art in Russia and abroad.
The task of the art is not only to reflect the world, but also to create another one. In the cold and damp St.Petersburg bright colours which Natalya Sultanova uses are encourage cheerful perception of the world. Bold, bright, colourful compositions, lightness of the paintings, free manner - all that originates from impressionists.Her vividy coloured landscapes are based on the outstandingly beautiful scenery of the Ural mountainsof her childhood.Her use of bright colours reflects her work as a stained glass designer as well as her desire to create a fresh world of space and light.

Art by Natalya Sultanova tekes the pride of place in private collections in Russia, France, Great Britain, Czechoslovakia, China, Italy, USA,Scotland, Ireland.
Participation in the exhibitions:
- 1995-1998 - "The Youth Palette", Nizhniy Tagil
- 1998-1999 - International exhibition of ex-libris, Vilnius, Lithuania
- 1999 - Graphic of small forms ADOGE, Barselona, Spain
- 1999 - International biennale of printed graphic, Vilkopolski island, Poland
- 2000 - "The Art of Pastels" exhibition at the State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
- 2000-2001 - Exhibition at the Union of Artists, St.Petersburg
- 2000 - "Portrait"exhibition at the Union of Artists, StPetersburg
- 2001- 2002 - the Annual Exhibition at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, StPetersburg
- 2002 - exhibition devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Central Exhibition Hall, Perm, Russia .
- 2002 - "Art salon 2002" regional exhibition, Perm, Russia .
- 2002 - exhibinion" Image Woman in modern art","Art-City" gallery, St.Petersburg
- 2003 - exhibition devoted to the 300th anniversary the bases from St.Petersburg, Samara,Russia .
- 2003 -The Affordable Art Fair, London, Great Britain - Spring Collection
- 2003 -"Di-Di"gallery exhibition, St.Petersburg.
- 2004 - Christmas exhibition,"Di-Di"gallery, St.Petersburg.
- 2004 -The Affordable Art Fair, London, Great Britain - Spring Collection
- 2005 -The Affordable Art Fair, London, Great Britain - Spring Collection
- 2005 -Art Ireland Summer Collection,Dublin, Ireland
- 2005 -Personal exhibition: "Russian View "The Gascoigne Art Gallery, Harrogate, Great Britain
- 2005 -" Private View", The Iona House Gallery, Woodstock, Great Britain
- 2005 -Contemporary Art Fair, Edinburgh, Scotland
-2006-The Affordable Art Fair, London, Great Britain - Spring Collection
-2006-Wold Galleries,Moreton-in-Marsh,Great Britain
-2006 -Birr Vintage Festival, The County Arms Hotel,Ireland
-2006- Summer Exhibitions of Russian Art, Magil Fine Art represents at Clontarf Castle, Dublin, Ireland
- 2006 -Art Ireland,Dublin, Ireland
- 2006 -Contemporary Art Fair, Edinburgh, Scotland
-2007 - The Affordable Art Fair AAF, London, the Great Britain
-2007- Art-fair, Cambridge, the Great Britain
-2007- " Artist of Russia ", Francis Iles Gallery, Rochester, the Great Britain
-2008-annual Art-fair AAF, London, the Great Britain
-2008-exhibition " the Bird in a cage ", gallery the Arch, St.Petersburg, Russia
-2008-exhibition of Russian art,Wold galleries,Moreton-in-Marsh , the Great Britain
-2009- 20/21 International Art Fair, London
-2009- Affordable Art Fair, London
-2009- Affordable Art Fair, Bristol
-2009- Russian Art Fair, London
-2009- Northern Art Fair, Harrogate
-2009- Edinburgh Art Fair

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Red roofs
2011 y. / 35x50 cm
800 €
Painting (Picture) : The sun after a rain
2011 y. / 46x73 cm
1 200 €
Painting (Picture) : Bouquet with peonies
2009 y. / 46x57 cm
900 €
Painting (Picture) : Caribs
2010 y. / 35x45 cm
550 €