Artist Koval Sergey Anatolievich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Feodosiya

Sergey Koval was born in 1960 in Zavolzhsk (Russia, Ivanov region) and spent his childhood and adolescence in Dnepropetrovsk, in 1984 he graduated from Nikolayev shipbuilding institute.
Sergey Koval was always taking a great interest in arts and literature. In 1985 he published at his own expense his first book of poems. The same year he realized that he has a calling for painting. This important realization came to him when he was visiting the picturesque town of Koktebel on the Black Sea shore which is famous for it houses the museum of Maksimilian Voloshin, a poet and a painter. Segrey's first paintings were done in a water-colour technique, then he mastered tempera painting.
Since 1988 Sergey Koval is known for his oil paintings. He studied theory of painting and techniques used by ancient and classical artists, but his first and foremost interest was the Dutch, Flemish and Italian schools. Following the academic requirements, he was copying the works of I.K.Aivazovsky, the luminary painter of seascapes, for the country's museums. Sergey Koval uses in his paintings predominantly the Dutch and Italian materials that allows arriving at multidimensional glazing effect.
He views nature as his main guru. Sergey spends a lot of time admiring the scenery and beauty of the sea that fills him with vigour and inspiration that then are splashed out onto his canvases in the form of storms, sunrise or sunset depending on the artist's mood.
The painter's world outlook and attitude was influenced greatly by the Chinese philosophy of arts. "When you paint a tree you have to feel how it grows”. These words of Su Shi represent Sergey Koval’s artistic credo. Natural elements with all their intrinsic dynamics live in his soul. He wrote in his article “In search for the mood" ("Khudozhestvenniy Sovef “('Artistic council') journal, issue 3/19, 2001, Moscow): “Be a sun or a sun ray for a while, feel as if you were touching rocks or sails softly, vibrating and sparkling on the water surface. Try to imagine as if you were water Imagine that you are a stone that is being stroked and caressed by waves for thousand years”.
The synthesis of knowledge and experience allowed Sergey to realize that his vocation is painting of seascapes. His seascapes can be easily recognized, once you have discovered their intrinsic energy, felt the inherent rhythm of waves and coolness of sea wind.
In 1994 Sergey Koval’s works were first shown on the “Space of Russian Soul” exhibition that was held in the Kremlin Palace in Moscow. At the same time the second book of Sergey Koval’s poems - "In the Mazes of Soul' was published. Sergey Koval is a talented poet, musician and a performer of his songs. But painting is the most important in his life.
The artist's biography counts for more than twenty exhibitions of his creative works. The “jubilee” exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Sergey Koval was held in the Kyiv Museum of the Russian Arts in December, 2000. Over 70 canvasses by Sergey Koval from the private collections of painting admirers from Ukraine were represented at the exhibition Afterwards the exhibitions of Sergey Koval works were held at the Administration of the President of Ukraine (Kyiv), at the Museum of A.S.Grin (Crimea), at the Gallery of the National Union of Painters(Kyiv).

The paintings by Sergey Koval can be found in private collections and in artistic galleries of Austria, England, Germany, Israel, Canada, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Czechia and Switzerland.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Morning storm
2009 y. / 120x60 cm
2 200 $
Painting (Picture) : In open sea
/ 80x50 cm
1 200 $