Artist Chupryna Volodymyr Grigorievih

Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev

Oleksandr Fedoruk


Kherson artist Volodymyr Chupryna attracts with his lyricism, emotional attitude towards everything which is the object of his creative inspirations, - that melodic, comprehensible note to the soul of each person, note that raises the subjective perception of the objective reality.

The expressive feature of the creative work of this outstanding painter is his aquarellistics – from the first timid attempts of the novice, who was startled of the colour touch to the paper, and who repeated those attempts day by day up to the present spatial compositions of the master. Each time the artist suggests himself more complicated tasks, invents touches, which are immanent to his own taste. This aquarellistics of Chupryna is artistically perfect, with surprising “fillings up” of colours. In sense of form it is integrally successful with the bright intentions towards the balanced structures of compositions.
Chupryna is laconic in his subject-oriented compositions; he is comprehensive for perception. This goes from his water colour techniques, which are in search for beauty in simplicity and ordinariness that “pushes the note” of beauty from the seemingly banal subject: apples with the jar of milk on the wooden table, bunch of fish with the net - in the still lives, or dahlias, peonies, and asters - in the bouquets, or magic estuary bay with steeps, fishermen’s seiners, clay soil banks, and small houses attached to the steeps – in numerous sights of beloved Stanislav. Essential style meaning of Chupryna’s palette is his interested target orientation for commonplace motive, which he clears up in the score of his own soul.
Chupryna is always and everywhere sensory-oriented. Emotional loftiness and lyricism through genre motive are the dominants of his watercolour works. Sensible direction of the artist towards the object of his interest is reasoned, to our belief, by his good luck, his easy-tempered and balanced character, and by his life credo – one should live a beautiful life and there exists much room for beauty in life.
Volodymyr Chupryna got this zest for life primarily from his native Kherson land, from tiny coast of his love – parents village Khorly in Kalanchak district. This emotionality has been supported once by the great teacher, outstanding educator and artist Oleksiy Shovkunenko, who became the first true advisor for Chupryna in Kyiv Arts Institute.

... Much water has flowed down to the Black Sea from the blue Dnipro. The artist has traveled to many countries, has seen artistic world, and has seen people in various lands and places. Here, there and everywhere artists are living, working, and creating; and their pictures delight public’s eyes in museums.

However each time Chupryna has missed home Kherson land, with steppes and estuaries, air saturated with the aroma of thyme and the sun pouring the rich pallete of colours. Even in Kyiv Chupryna could not stay doing nothing – he longing for his studio, table, paints, and view out of the window to the wide estuary. That estuary in village Stanislav, where Chupryna has built the studio under high steep, is his soul. His heart sings and his eyes shine with calm joy at the sight of unspeakable earthly beauty in this God blessed, cozy nook. Isn’t this Stanislav a source of inspiration, creative Mecca for Volodymyr Chupryna? Doesn’t it give him artistic vigour and excite his creative imagination? Because if there would be not so and his soul remained cool and did not tremble at the sight of the estuary, then there would not be lots of Volodymyr’s pictures dedicated to wonderful Stanislav.

We view his watercolours, enjoy them, either just now moistened by the last paintbrush, or those created about twenty years ago, which are taken out the closet in the studio. These pictures radiate the high melodic. They are poetic and full of songs since their creator is in his heart a poet himself with tender sensitive string. “Seiner” (1987), “Dull Sky”(1987), “Silence on the Estuary” (1988), “At Stanislav Berth” (1989), “Coast in Stanislav”(1991), «At the Coast” (1993), “Stanislav Snow-Covered” (1993), “Expectation”(1997), “Peace”(1999), “Steeps of Stanislav”(2001) and good hundred of compositions on this topic— it is his artistic dedication to estuary, to Stanislav, to fisherman’s village, which is hiden between steeps and water. It is both the artistic endurance test, because each new composition is a new positive emotion, and merely artistic problems of colouristic, formal composition that have boundaries for creative initiative. Finally, it is contribution of the artist into Ukrainian colourism and marinistic; it is his, Volodymyr Chupryna, own professional hand as an aquarellist.

Two years ago “Steeps of Stanislav” were born. The picture portrays the boats at the estuary coast, the wide semicircle of the grassy and sandy land, the tops of the steeps, and blue colour of the sky above them.
Watercolour is compositionally steady, even-tempered saturated with blue and goldish colours, which suddenly splash either with red or twinkle with green. In this motive Chupryna shows his abilities of an aquarellist, who makes water surface “breathe” and gives superiority to the steeps over the estuary waters. Indeed Chupryna is a poet of the paintbrush, indeed he is a messenger of emotional painting, indeed he is not an indifferent observer but interested, fascinated master.
Because these places excite, invent new impulses, and make him each time to search the emotional pivots.
Here, in these steeps, is a mystery in these steeps, mystery of peace, tranquility, spaciousness of the sky, land and water. There lies a mystery of fascination of the mood, its elegy and grandeur at the same time.
There are the same sympathies and splashes of impressions from the watercolour “Expectation”, where steeps, estuary and clouded worried sky – everything in presentiment of the weather changes or in expectation the first spring rays. The tone of colours is cold, but golden rays of the close nature renewal are shining. There is tranquil joy (tranquil haven of mine!) from the composition “On the coast. Stanislav”, which has presented to the world a magic landscape painter, in love with the village that has stopped between the rash rocks and the water. Already that time, ten years ago, after this composition, it was a feeling: Chupryna is unordinary master. In the team of artists – blood brothers, he is an outstanding personality, the stream of emotional talent.

If the emotional character of Chupryna’s watercolours expresses their vivid essence, and is constant for the picturesqueness, then, may be, perceptible polysense in landscapes is conveyed with the biggest power. It is not expressively high rather gently exciting, even on the poles of epic spaciousness (watercolours “The Grave of K.Hordienko”1993; “Steppe”, 1994; “Poplars”, 1988”). In the composition “The Grave of K.Hordienko” the stone cross arises to the level of symbol, embracing with its metaphoric lexeme the panorama expanse of the steppe, river, and sky. As if that cross as the only witness of the past, carries the doubled weight of what has happened and what gives now the reason for feelings. It is the pivot for the vertical of space, the greatness of its categorical meaning of which has run through the low line of the shadowed horizon. Lord Almighty! Give the master strength for further depicting of such significant landscapes! Would it be possible for a hard-hearted person to feel these tranquil and exciting epics? Chupryna’s works are the gift to the contemporary romantics!

Under any circumstances Ukrainian landscape comes alive in his paintings on the distance that seems to our perception the nearest one. During his artistic age Chupryna created a lot of landscapes. We are not able to count all of them – creatively inspired, filled with the streams of impressions. Because one can envy the creative potential of the master – as it was before, as it is now. However we list some of the landscapes out of the huge number. Let us mention: “Waterfall” (1988), “Snow- covered” (1990), “The Lake in the Mountains” (1994), «Stork Nest” (1993), “Stanislav Autumn” (1998).
One more facet of the painter’s talent - his love for still life and flowers – makes us look deeper into the mystery of mysteries, the psychological direction of their author
to that genre that is typical for each painter’s creative lab. What is Chupryna initially searching for in it? Why has he paid attention to might of the bunch of grapes on the tray next to asters in the high vase on the background of draperies? In this composition the painter shows his ability in the disposition of the objects on the surface, in “tuning” them for the “tone bond”, in the way of presenting the palette, and colour interaction. One thing to point out – the artist proves first of all to himself that he is one who “is searching the hardships and overcoming them». Excitement of the painter in this genre acquires the key role, - because there is an object for observation, where his karma becomes subjective, and emanation of the objects on the surface is a kind of “psychological emanation” of their creator. I am fond of Chupryna’s artistic meditations in the genre of still life. I like his culture of striving and implementing the specific tasks as we can see in the still lives with the fish or grapes, with the simple rustic wooden plates, or in his “Wreath under the estuary” where the loving soul of the master radiates with the rosy and white colours of the peonies with the background of the wooden raft. Everywhere in the dozens of compositions Chupryna introduces to the world and to himself, in the first place, his heart joy. There exists his love for the specific space and time, for images of our steppe Ukraine.
We hold in respect for aquarellistics of Volodymyr Chupryna. He is inspiring us to read the “texts” of his heart, sharpen our feelings, thoughts, and attention towards the Ukrainian watercolours.

Oleksand Fedoruk
Doctor of Fine Arts, Professor, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts

Work list
Painting (Picture) : winter landscape
2000 y. / 72x64 cm
400 $
Painting (Picture) : fishing boats
2001 y. / 64x74 cm
400 $
Painting (Picture) : country yard
2003 y. / 64x64 cm
350 $