Sculptor Lopukhov Sergey Wyatseslavovitsch

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Sergey Lopukhov (Russia. Obninsk). Was born in 1974г. The sculptor. Has stopped it is art - restoration school in Suzdal on a speciality the artist - the restorer of a stone (1989 - 1994). The graduate of the Moscow State Art Industrial University (2000 - 2006 ). A member of the union of artists of Russia. A member of the international association of the fine arts - IAA AIAP UNESCO.
The participant city, regional and the All-Russia exhibitions.It is awarded with the diploma of 1 degree for a sculpture " Himalaya a bear " at an exhibition of the Moscow Union of Artists of Russia (2004).
The participant of the Russian and international symposiums of a sculpture. Works are exposed in parks of Russia and the world. The author and the executor of a monument to " Liquidators of nuclear accidents " (Obninsk, a granite, 2008г.). Executes sculptures in various materials (a stone, a wood , metal.). Works in abstract and figurative plastic.

Work list
Statue - sculpture : Black bird
/ 50x60 cm
2 000 €
Statue - sculpture : Ancient bird
/ 60x60 cm
1 600 €
Statue - sculpture : The dancing faun
2009 y. / 45x170 cm
5 000 €