Artist Lareva Tatyana

Country: Russian Federation
City: Irkutsk

Professional resume:
1975 - graduated from the Irkutsk Regional Art College, where she studied at the art department at the faculty of LD Kuklis, MD Voronko, AG Kostovski etc.
1985 - graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after IE Repin, Department of Theory and History of Fine Arts, where she studied with such teachers as AL Puning, VI Lenyashin, RI Vlasov, NS Kuteynikova etc.
1989 - Becomes a Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
October 18, 1993 she defended her thesis on "The Art Life Irkutsk 1930-1990", candidate of historical sciences.
1994 - published a monograph "Artists Irkutsk" East Siberian book ed.-in, 412., Ill.
1995 - awarded the title of associate professor
1995-1998 - Head of the Department of Art of the Irkutsk State. Technical University
1996 - Becomes a Member of the International Association of Art Critics AIS
May 2000 - at the invitation of the Slavic Department of the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) makes a trip to read a course of lectures on the art of Siberia and of the personal exhibition

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Russian Columbus - G Shelikhov
2012 y. / 80x120 cm
21 000 €
Painting (Picture) : Portrait to order
2010 y. / 120x80 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Spring Lake Baikal
2012 y. / 80x100 cm
1 790 $