Artist Mazowiecka Viktoria

Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev

Artist, writer, journalist and mother of two
wonderful children. Born in the early 70’s in
an art family. Works in many painting tech-
niques and genres including: painting and
drawing, illustration books and iconogra-
Recently the artist diligently working
towards teaching painting and drawing
through the book.
In 2009 published a book in publish-
ing house “Peter” “Draw the flowers” with
illustrations and copyright phased draw-
ing lessons on the disk. In 2011 two books
come out at once for two Russian publish-
ing house “Peter” “Easy lessons in drawing
in pencil” and “PHOENIX” “Draw the fan-
tastic worlds.”

Work list
Drawing : Breakfast on the cliff
2013 y. / 40x40 cm
150 €
Painting (Picture) : rainy Prague
1994 y. / 45x40 cm
150 €
Drawing : in search of the truth
2008 y. / 17x21 cm
60 €
Drawing : ancient gods
2011 y. / 21x17 cm
50 €
Painting (Picture) : world outside
2000 y. / 40x40 cm
400 €
Painting (Picture) : shell wants
1993 y. / 60x80 cm
2 500 €
Painting (Picture) : pear on a yellow
2013 y. / 45x60 cm
300 €