Artist Strizhkina Yuliya Sergeevna

Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev

Being a creative person, thus versatile, Yuliya Strizhkina became interested in painting since boyish years. The final push from the desire to action was visiting of world known art museums: London National Gallery, the Museum of Sofia, Salvador Dali’s theatre- museum, Museo del Prado and others.

A great impression on the artist was made by paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Rembrandt, Alma-Tadema, Henryk Semiradsky and the artist mystic - Bosch. Thus the important trace in her soul was left by works of the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. After acquaintance with works of known masters personally Yuliya took a brush in hand and started creating. Not adhering to a particular style of art, Yuliya Strizhkina creates paintings which people around managed to call works of the New Era (Epoch).

The journalist, TV host and the expert in the field of PR today, Yuliya continues to be improved in painting, giving it almost each free minute. Expressing her own perception of the world, she doesn`t limit to use oil-based paints in the usual form only. Strizhkina supplements them with various decorative elements, unusual textures and forms of canvases.

The most important creation at this stage of a career, Yuliya considers her reproduction of "Mona Lisa" ("La Gioconda") of Leonardo da Vinci which was painted "in one breath". Taken responsibility for making reproduction of a masterpiece of immortal da Vinci by estimates of her teachers, colleagues and friends is realized fully. Surprisingly that this exact picture became the first finished work written by Yuliya Strizhkina by oil. Now it is in a private collection.

The Author`s paintings «live» in USA, Great Britain, UAE, Georgia, Russian Federation, Poland, Australia and of course in Ukraine. Among Buyers there are international galleries Saatchi and Touch of Art. Answering the question: - What is the most important for her in creativity? – Yuliya Strizhkina always replies: - That it was necessary for people.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : The Swan Lake
2015 y. / 30x40 cm
60 $
Painting (Picture) : The Dream Of Honbeni
2015 y. / 40x30 cm
55 $