Sculptor Shushkovskaya Elena

Country: Russian Federation
City: Ekaterinburg

Elena Shushkovskaya was born on December 14, 1950 in the small town of Kolomna, situated near Moscow. In the childhood was wandering with parents on open spaces of Russia while, at last, didn't settle in Yekaterinburg (at that time Sverdlovsk). In 1972 graduated from the Ural state polytechnical institute in "City construction and economy". Diligently worked as the architect in town planning, while «perestroyka» didn't turn habitual vital way upside down, and didn't send Elena to the creative course, where she was drawed since the childhood.
In 1992 Elena started to work in "The republican center of ethno -design"as an artist, there she learned to sculp in traditional technicians, and also took the first author's steps in ceramics. Unfortunately, the Center existed not long.
In 1995 Elena from scratch began teaching activity in "The center of out-of-school education and children's creativity", where she worked till 2007. There Elena created ceramics studio "Live clay" which soon became one of the most popular in the Center. Elena taught children and studied together with them. And she was good in that! In 2004 she was awarded the Highest qualification category, children were engaged in studio for years, and their works received the mass of awards at children's exhibitions.
The workshop of studio became also Elena’s creative masterful, during that period there turned out characteristic for her creativity images and motives, and her individual manner – the jeweler detailization, abounding with nuances, textures, paints. Since 2002 Elena regularly participates in the city and regional exhibitions held on the basis of the Museum of the fine arts of Yekaterinburg, the Ural center of folk trades and crafts and Sverdlovsk regional museum of local lore. Since 2005 Elena becomes the member and the participant of exhibitions of "Guilds of ceramists of Ural "Keramir".
The holistic metaphysical perception of world around, where human's world is closely connected with the world of nature is peculiar to the author, this communication is keenly felt in Elena's creativity. Works of the author is the magic world, inhabited by mythical and animal characters. Unlike to animalistka, Elena's animal characters are animated and often carry human's features. Elena's creativity shows the beauty of world around, concentrated in an instant: variety of flora and fauna, color rampancy, circulation of seasons and natural forms.
In the current time Elena works in a home workshop, devoting to creativity all the time.

Work list
Statue - sculpture : Lamp Blue frog
2001 y. / 18x20 cm
Contract price
Statuette : Cola rotation
2008 y. / 25x25 cm
Contract price
Statuette : I let You go
2000 y. / 28x30 cm
Contract price
Statuette : Lamp Orans
2000 y. / 25x16 cm
Contract price
Statuette : Candlestick Silence
2000 y. / 27x22 cm
Contract price
Statuette : Sea inside
2010 y. / 9x27 cm
Contract price
Statuette : Augusta
2012 y. / 20x15 cm
31 500 Rubles
Statuette : Rita-Sjyu
2012 y. / 17x15 cm
31 500 Rubles
Statuette : Slyness
2011 y. / 16x23 cm
24 000 Rubles
Statuette : Marusya
2011 y. / 17x25 cm
24 000 Rubles
Statuette : Keeper of the green stones
2011 y. / 18x26 cm
Contract price
Statuette : Successor
2011 y. / 20x13 cm
Contract price
Statuette : Esquire
2011 y. / 21x15 cm
Contract price
Statuette : Frant Classic
2011 y. / 20x15 cm
Contract price
Statuette : Lamp August's songs
2010 y. / 27x17 cm
Contract price
Statuette : Lamp Christmas
2010 y. / 31x16 cm
Contract price