Artist Erokhina Yulia

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Yulia Erokhina is a professional artist with creative potential, included in the Russian art rating, is a member of Creative and Professional Unions of Artists of Russia and International art Fund. It is recognizable by the fullness of meaning of pictures, at the same time, constantly seeking and adding new things in their own creative manner of the artist. Today, experts consider Yulia as a representative of the avant-garde, working in an experimental framework, as multifaceted on the subject of the artist. Her work has been exhibited and became the laureates of many Russian and international exhibitions-competitions of modern art are in the collections of several museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.
Prevailing in modern art style impressionism expressive conceptual sense differs in the works of Yulia philosophical content, which blends the value of "displayed" with the "How". If the expressionists perceive the energy of color not only as a means to convey the content of the painting, but as its very content, needs no plot, and the Impressionists focused on any means to stop the beautiful moment, the credo of creativity Yulia in the power connection color depth of plot sense. The perfection of the technique of painting takes the artist as an end in itself, it appeals primarily to the viewer - the person, not to his aesthetic sense. She's careless, subjective, needs no advice from outside, boldly quoted the well-known techniques, self-sufficient and infinitely true to herself.
Various thematic repertoire of paintings is a distinctive feature of her work. It has its own energy of love.
Her personal exhibitions took place in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Petushki and Aleksandrov.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Miracle
2014 y. / 40x35 cm
2 000 $
Painting (Picture) : I'll bring it to pass!
2015 y. / 80x60 cm
2 000 $
Painting (Picture) : What spiritual power
2015 y. / 80x60 cm
2 000 $
Painting (Picture) : A window to a new world
2016 y. / 80x60 cm
90 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Haze
2014 y. / 80x60 cm
1 000 $