Artist Samorodov Sergey Alexandrovitch

Country: Russian Federation
City: Tambov

Tambov artist Sergei Samorodov. The main direction of the work actually created style MDA (mix details art) is a genre of art, which has been formed by the early 2013 in Russia. The main feature of this genre is an accurate compilation of various styles and schools. Visually MDA work is represented as patterns, pieces, colors interplay and harmoniously combined shapes, dedicated to associative awakening.
The basic premise of MDA is an understanding of the world as a synergistic system, which is permanently moving and developing. However evolutionary changes are growing wide and deformations are speeding up reactively, so the perception of the reality is turning into chaos. Caught in the middle of it, an artist is trying to grasp the fragments of the chaotic pulsation that contain a unified image.
An artist is manipulating the patterns beyond the logic and by all means available, lining up the archetypes in his impetuous and absurd world-view. As a result of this process a new kaleidoscopic and multilayer art space is getting built. Harmonization of this bizarre universe is achieved by the means of technique and utilization of different materials, such as oil, sprays, markers, gel, pencil, watercolors and so on.

Work list
Decor : Hammer and Sickle
2013 y. / 115x123 cm
5 000 €
Drawing : Maya gold
2013 y. / 60x40 cm
3 000 €