Artist Belyaev Andrey Valentinovitsch

Country: Russian Federation
City: Novosibirsk

A painter, a graphic artist, an expert in working with birchbark.

Date, birth-place : 02.07.1983, Nikolaevka village, Pospelikhinskiy region of Altai, Russian Federation.
Education: 2001-2005 - Novoaltai State art school (graphic design).
2006-2008 - the Krasnoyarsk State Art institute (faculty of graphic arts).
2008-2010- the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (specialization is a fine art). Nowadays teaches in Children Art Centre of the Soviet region of Novosibirsk. In creative activity works in following genres: still life, portrait, landscape, maschine composition, decorative and applied art (birchbark). Works in the Art of Realism. The main Theme is the Person and Nature. Except that writes compositions on old-slavic theme. A participant of city, regional, international exhibitions. Some of his works are bought for private collections of the USA, Canada, Italy, African countries.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Still life with a bird cherry
2010 y. / 49.5x39.5 cm
1 000 €
Decor : Volga and Mikula
2013 y. / 28x38 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Amsterdam
2012 y. / 30x40 cm
Contract price