Artist Pugachev Mikhail Vasilyevich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Born February 8, 1944. He graduated from the graphic art department of the Vitebsk university.
He is known in the art in the 70's, like most artists, a starry-eyed. Then I realized that not everything is perfect. Served grotesque work on people's bikes, on the theme of his own stupidity. We vystavkomov this understanding is not found. In all cases, however, interested in painting color. The power of paint, goes into force of the image, helping to reveal the internal stress model or motive. Search for own style. Can not say, however, that all work is stylistically similar. Style grew out of technology in paint.
Member of the Creative Union of Artists, the International Academy of Art, was awarded a gold medal "national treasure".
The most successful work in the field of portraiture.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Holy Monastery Pafnutiev.
2013 y. / 50x60 cm
700 €
Painting (Picture) : CLAIM.
2013 y. / 50x60 cm
700 €
Painting (Picture) : Young Shepherd.
2008 y. / 50x60 cm
1 000 €
Painting (Picture) : Slowly drop in the cup dates ...
2014 y. / 60x80 cm
2 000 €
Painting (Picture) : Place of death Boyarina Morozova.
2012 y. / 80x100 cm
7 000 €
Painting (Picture) : Muscovite.
2009 y. / 48x60 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Face.
2009 y. / 48x60 cm
Contract price