Artist Naumova Elena Michailovna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

I was born in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region in 1986. In 1997-2001, I studied at the Children's Art School. In 2003 I entered the Moscow State University and moved to Moscow. In 2010-2011, I graduated from the courses of drawing and painting "New Art Intention". Participant of international exhibitions.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : The lilac
2013 y. / 50x70 cm
7 500 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : The poppies
2013 y. / 50x60 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Bouquet of Flowers
2012 y. / 56x46 cm
30 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : The wet meadow
2013 y. / 59x79 cm
70 000 Rubles