Artist Preobrazhenskaya Victoria Viktorovna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Appeal for the Guests of
Victoria Preobrazhensky’s exhibition!

“The Mistress Victoria Preobrazhensky is the Artist of Esoteric Philosophy and Dynamic processes of the Universe....
On Her Canvases the Universe sings in waves of colors, sounds and voices…You can feel and hear the voices of other celestial spheres, outpouring their Beauty into the heights of consciousness of everyone who touches with Her Artistic Revelations…”
(Stanislav AIDINYAN, the vice-president of Russian-Italian Academy “Ferroni”, a member of the Union of Russian writers , a member of advisory council of Association of portraitists, as well as an expert by Art of Aqua-Painting Federation.)

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen!
I am very appreciative of everyone visiting My Exhibition “ The Planet of Joy”!
I sincerely wish that your hearts and souls will be opened to the Radient Spiritual World and will be filled with the Great Joy from the contact with BEAUTY!

The word BEAUTY in Russian Language contains in itself the Sacramental information! KRASOTA(Beauty)! Using the Cabbalistic Knowledge of Russian Language you can decode this as the ‘Storehouse of Light, where Absolute LOVE reigns!
‘K’ means appeals to something or somebody.
‘RA’ – is the Ancient –Vedical Name of the One God…
In Ancient times, Russian people named the Volga river as “RA”. RA means Light, Absolute and Source at the same time from the Ancient Slavonic Language.

‘SOTA’ means [Honeycomb] - the Six-sided basic figure composing the informational code of Earth.This is the Binary principle of the Universe, Light Harmony and the Unity of Female and Male Origins. In ‘Sota’( honeycombs), according to the heavenly principle, bees save their honey – that is the substantial information of nature.
In ancient times of Arian, Atlantis and Hyperborea’s Epoch people created miracles with words. But with time of descention of our planet into dense matter, the sacred language started to lose its power and s

Work list
Painting (Picture) : The Great Sun of Glory (HORST)
2007 y. / 100x120 cm
Contract price