Artist Tsipulin Eugeny Jur'evich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

The resume:
Was born in 1956г. in Moscow.
In 1986 has ended the Moscow Art university of a name of Stroganov (faculty " the Interior and the equipment ").
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists (Art designing).
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.
Since 1989 works in the field of design of an interior.
" The creative fund of Russia ", 1996г is brought in the encyclopedia of the modern art.
As the painter and has the schedule about 20 personal exhibitions and more than 70 group exhibitions in Moscow and abroad. Works are more than in 15 countries.
Has publications in magazines and catalogues.

Personal exhibitions:
1991,1998гг.-Representation of firm IBM in Moscow
1992г.-the Showroom in Пересветовом a lane, Moscow
1993,1995гг.-Gallery " Никор ", Moscow
1993г.-Representation of Yugoslavian firm " Легстройинвест " in Moscow
1994г.-the House of Journalists, Moscow
1994г.-the Showroom of the Russian International Fund of culture on Old Басманной, Moscow.
1994г.-Russian National Bank, Moscow
1995г.-Gallery " Albatross " Moscow,
1995г.-the Central House of the Artist Moscow.
1995, 1998гг.-Russian cultural center of a science and creativity, Berlin, Germany
2000г.-Hotel " Space " Moscow.

Participation in exhibitions:
1992г.-the Cat's Eye ”, Gallery " Mars ", Moscow
1992-1995гг.-the Showroom on Small Georgian
1992-1998гг.-Gallery " Интер ", Moscow
1993г.-“ the Moscow artists ”, the House of Journalists, Moscow
1993г.-“ the Gold brush ”, ЦДХ, Moscow
1993г.-“ Spring interior ”, the Showroom in the Polytechnical museum, Moscow
1993-1995гг.-Gallery " Левкас ", Moscow
1993-1996гг.-Gallery " Никор " Moscow
1994г.-Gallery " Лемос ", Moscow.
1994г.-« Autumn переливы », Russian National Bank, Moscow.
1994г.-« the Exhibition of the Cock », the Museum of "Cock" in Петушках, the Vladimir area.
1994г.-“ Women and cats ”, the Moscow museum of a cat
1994 “ Masterpieces of the modern art ”, the First mobile exhibition of the modern art (Moscow Vyatka Volgograd N.Novgorod-Krasnodar Saint Petersburg)
1995 "Art - Mirages", Russian cultural center of a science and creativity, Berlin, Germany
1995г.-“ the Cat's Eye ”, Paris, France
1995г.-“ Urbanistic dreams ”, ЦДХ, Moscow
1995-1998гг.-Gallery " Albatross ", Moscow
1995г.-"Mellow autumn", the Showroom of the Russian International Fund of culture on Old Басманной, Moscow.
1665г.-"НЮ" Hotel " Space ", Moscow
1996г.-“ the Cat's Eye ”, Amsterdam, Netherlands, London, the Great Britain
1996г.-“ Secret of a sensuality кроится in a cat... ”, Paris, France
1997г.-“ the Moscow cats ”, London, the Great Britain
1997г.-“ About, the Woman!.. ”, ЦДХ, Moscow
1997г.-“ the Theatre begins with the artist ”, ЦДХ, Moscow
1997г.-“ Twenty centuries from Christmas Христова ”, ЦДХ, Moscow
1997г.-“ From Russia with love ”, Las Vegas, the USA
1998г.-the "Moscow" Hamburg account », ЦДХ, Moscow
1998г.-Gallery of erotic art, Moscow
1998г.-“ the Moscow cats ”, Barcelona, Spain
1998г.-Gallery " Изограф ", Showroom МСХ in parkway Gogolevskom, Moscow
1998г.-“ Dreams, flowers and Пьеро ”, ЦДРИ, Moscow
1998г.-the Kirov regional art museum of name В.М. And A.M.Vasnetsovyh
1999г.-« the Landscape in an interior » the Architectural - exhibition center “ the House on Brest ”. Moscow.
1999г.-"Art - aquarium", Gallery " ZOO ", Moscow
2000г.-“ the Gold brush ”, ЦДХ, Moscow
2001г.-“ НЮ on a boundary of centuries ”, Showroom МСХ in parkway Gogolevskom, Moscow
2001г.-« Rhythms plastics » ЦДХ, Moscow
2001г.-Gallery " Center - m ", Moscow.
2004г.-« the Moscow palette » the Cultural center of Armed forces of the Russian Federation.
2006г.-« Эрос Moscow - 2006 », 5-n the International exhibition, Expocentre " Сокольники ", Moscow
2007г.-« Эрос Moscow - 2007 », 6-n the International exhibition, Expocentre « Т-the Module », Moscow
2008г.-« the Point About », Gallery A3, Moscow.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Running clouds
/ 70x50 cm
700 €
Painting (Picture) : Lilac a tree
/ 60x50 cm
700 €
Painting (Picture) : Mellow autumn
/ 50x50 cm
430 €