Artist Kirillov Nikolai Mihailovich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Saint-Petersburg

Nikolai Kirillov lives in St. Petersburg. He is a member of the Artists’ Association of St. Petersburg. Nikolai participated in more than 40 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His works have been kept in museum collections of the Museum of the City’s History, the Regional Historical Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia and in the Memorial Museum of Alexander Grin in Pheodosia, Ukraine. His works are also displayed in private collections in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA and other countries as well. He graduated from the St. Petersburg College of Arts.

Nikolai Kirillov’s creative search is characterized by non-standard drawing and composition, by an exquisite attitude to light and shade and to the texture and surface of the canvas. The coloring of his pictures demonstrates his deep love and respect toward works of old masters. Nikolai works with an original technique in figurative realism. Portrait, still-life and landscape are basic genres of this artist.

Experiencing Nikolai Kirillov’s works is like having a moment of «a significant pause», which could become a key in understanding and interpreting the surrounding world. Old familiar objects are transformed quite unexpectedly when the very thin line between reality and illusion ceases to exist. As master believes, incompleteness is the necessary condition for the recipient’s aesthetic experience.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Stranger
2005 y. / 90x90 cm
42 000 Rubles