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Artist Savitskaya Natallia

Country: Belarus
City: Grodno

1990-1995g. I'm graduated from art school majoring in decorative art
1999-2004g. I'm graduated from the University GRGU
2000-2006g. courses of drawing, painting and bases of composition of studio of the fine arts under control of the honored artist of BSSR Mazurov G. K.
Participation in exhibitions:
2007 - joint exhibition of graduates of studio of Mazurov G. K. Tyzengauza gallery
2007 – participation in an open-air "Experts are supports Grodno"
2011 – the international open-air "Art and traditions of the historical center of Naples" under the direction of UNESCO. Palace Venice gallery. Naples. Italy
2011 participation in the international competition "Art in a Show-window" Naples. Italy
2010-2012 exhibition of graduates of graphic studio "Charounaya Palette" - "Garodni's Music", "Universe flowers". Tyzengauza gallery

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Open sun blind
2013 y. / 34x44 cm
400 $
Painting (Picture) : Last supper
2013 y. / 30x39 cm
350 $
Painting (Picture) : Feeding a seagull
2013 y. / 28x39 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : The spring arrived
2013 y. / 33x39 cm
350 $