Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Efim Deshalyt – one of art directors of panoramic art, \"the Russian Rubo\" - so called him artists.
In forty three years of fruitful work by the national artist of Russia it is created in this genre
more than 80 remarkable works of panoramic art which are storing in 25 museums
countries. Painting in panoramic art is a fundamental principle, it, as a rule, defines
its level, art advantages of works.
Efim Deshalyt-zamechatelny painter. The master of a lyrical landscape, it wrote the pictures and etudes in favourite with Levitan and other outstanding artists places of Moscow area places. Many corners of once extensive country captivated him creative imagination: he devoted a series of the pictures to severe beauty of Siberia, the mountain Caucasus and the hot Crimea.
The author loved flowers field and garden, all manifestations of world around.
The cities and the countries, people and events aren\'t ignored the author and imprinted in a set
Graphic works

Work list
Drawing : Klaipeda m
196 y. / 40x28 cm
300 €
Drawing : Rome
1960 y. / 40x28 cm
500 €
Painting (Picture) : ancient Chinese temple
1971 y. / 100x100 cm
3 500 €
Painting (Picture) : Zvenigorod morning on the river
1982 y. / 50x120 cm
4 500 €
Painting (Picture) : lilac
1949 y. / 68x100 cm
4 000 €