Artist Fomin Nikolai Dmitrievich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Krasnoyarsk

Born 9.12.70 in Gorny village, near Lesnoi town, Yekaterinburg district, in the Urals.

Education: Kirov Agricultural Institute, Faculty of Game Biology, 1988-1993.


1993 - 1998 – as game-biologist, Sosnovskoe State Forestry-Hunting Area, Karelian Isthmus;
1999-2001 – as assistant, Centre for Peacemaking and Community Development, Novgorod;
2001-2003 – as intern, Friends House Moscow;
2003 - 2006 - work at the Art Taxidermy Studio of Alexey Gurin in Yekaterinburg
2006-2007 - work at landscape design studio Dersu, Kirov
2007- 2008 - work as wood carver at Vyatka Workshops Ltd., Kirov.

My arts

My art is undoubtedly based on the love of the wild and feminine beauty. I am inspired also by feeling the magic effect that makes me find beauty and perfection in all of nature's creatures and good spirits as well as the feeling of harmony in the interplay of its constituents.
Often, the images are brought to me whilst listening to my favourite music. I find drawing to music is my best method of working.
And, of course, whole worlds arise in my mind whilst learning about the culture and the spiritual world of Northern people and about Old Slav pagan beliefs.
At the same time I have got quite narrow priorities and find my interest and inspiration exclusively in the northern hemisphere, in the countries on the Arctic Circle, northwards from the mixed forest zone. For some reason the South with its richer colours, exotic, warm climate and nature's plenty can not give me as much inspiration as the North does. My heart belongs to the North with its sharp contrast of warmth and cold, ice, snow and water, with its fluffy animals and ruffled up birds, with its beautiful legends and some "frosty sterility" and peace of mind.
My interest is in the culture of Finno-Ugric and Siberian people of which many are small is not casual as well. They are not as noticeable as the large developed nations but, at the same time, they keep their unique traditions and respectful attitude to environment and have a lot which they can teach us.
Many of my art works are in private collections in Russia, Sweden, USA and England. There is also permanent exhibition of my works at the First Museum of Slav Mythology in Tomsk, Russia.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Hazelgrouse
2005 y. / 60x80 cm
15 000 Rubles
Drawing : Siberian woman
2009 y. / 39x27 cm
4 000 Rubles
Drawing : Dangerous travel
2009 y. / 26x40 cm
4 000 Rubles
Drawing : To the new settlement
2008 y. / 27x38 cm
4 000 Rubles