Artist Alyonin Aleksandr Sergeevich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Alyonin Aleksandr Sergeevich
Date of birth: 23.01.1989
Marital status: not married, no children

Education: unfinished high education; unfinished artistic education
Speciality: public relations (SibGAO); college of arts named after Surikov

Additional education: KGBOU NPO \"PL№10\" a cook of 3rd categoryа; MOU \"The school of arts for children named after M.P. Musorgsky\" - a violin; Art school for children (evening courses 2007-2008)

Professional experience: 2006-2013
Personal exhibitions:
1) exhibition in the Central city library named after M. Gorkiy, 2009
2) «Museum and Exhibition Center» of Zheleznogorsk in march of 2011
Additional information: cartoonist, writer, poet, painter, actor, philosopher. Discovered a new area in art, raised visual art to the rank of cinema, used genuine techniques in drawing.
Foreign languages: English
Computer skills: Word, Internet, , Adobe Photoshop, Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere, Flash — advanced user.
Personal qualities: genius, rare model look, fanaticism, originality, artistry, absence of bad habits, good physical training, a press of Jesus, uniqueness.
Areas of interest: visual arts, art brut, movies, music, spirituality, classical literature, the literature of success, poetry, philosophy, religious literature, parkour, psychology, pathology.
I am the only artist drawing landskapes on the asphalt with usial children\'s chalk and charcoal. And I am also the only artist who uses sandpaper as a technique of abstract, expressive and realistic art.
I chafe a chalk on the asphalt with my fingers allowing passers and spectators see all the ambiguity and magical blurring, lots of different shades of our world.
I work as a loader and use the money I earn to buy materials for drawing. I draw abstractions at home and the landskapes-outside with usual chalk. My dream is to paint landskapes on concrete slabs of city roads. Then cover it with glass to protect from rain, creating some kind of a open-air museum. I like to adorn cities with my paintings to let people enjoy the beauty of the world around. This is the way I give them an opportunity to see the world from different point of view. A museum like this I would like to create in your city.
It is a great honour for me to worn in your gallery.
I am absolutely ready and crave to change my place of residence for it.
There is an abyss in my paintings... They are created from a deep emotion and occasionally shock the viewers, because I am devilishly handsome and I fanatically create incredibly wild and beautiful paintings. I also have a very beautiful delicate fingers, so the audience goes crazy.
I am different from other artists, because instead of express the harmony and light of the world around them with simple and easily understandable colours and forms I express my own soul. My internal world is inhabited by lots of stricken by pain and suffering creatures, who screams and desperately seek to tell the world about their destiny. Their pain is extremely strong so the can be considered even more alive then some people. Creativity for me - it is an integral necessity. It is the only way to express all my feelings and the openess of my mind.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : sorrow
2014 y. / 24x18 cm
2 800 Rubles