Artist Abusebuy Rose

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Karagandinskaya artist. Biography I don't know, I cite an article in a local newspaper, devoted to the opening of her exhibition. The angels think of us. It is so called-
is opened
last not-
divide in the city historical
exhibition Karaganda
artist Rose Abusebuy.
Paintings - angels - eternal-
major satellites of people
shales of God on sinful
the earth.
This exhibition was the tail-
NYM gift from demirtastan
Karaganda artists.
Each painting the Roses Abusev-
howl - a brief, but very important.
th episode of her life. It
through paintings Karaganda
the artist is able to convey
the whole gamut of emotions and
But, despite the fact that in the life of the service
evidence and sad, and sometimes tragica-
ski moments, the entire range of emotions rose
Abusive trying to pass in a rainbow
the paints.
So, for example, the painting "Black
rosary". In the picture there is no hint of the fact-
ing range, all in a light, slightly under-
glushen colours. On her lonely
girl, nakaniwa head from sorrow,
next to her cow, warm vespolina-
tion from the artist's childhood, and the angel of the RAS
protarsi her wings for protection.
"It is warm and tender memories
from childhood, full of touching love
and sympathy, save us in the complex C-
the situation, give us the strength to live
and fight," says the author of the paintings.
The artist uses and unusual
technique: not limited to canvas and
paints, makes it difficult technique, first
the initial putting on
canvas various
improvised environments-
insofar white, and
just received
the texture,
taken for write-
the paintings. Ri-
vanities are increasingly
hands, and only
special moments
allocates a brush.
Rose Abusive loved since childhood RISO-
VAT. But from passion in the business of life
write the paintings moved only 5 went
ago. And before that she was just another
Gaya life.
After graduating from high school, young rose entered the
College, had to learn to con-
sory faculty, but the craving for excellent
the resultant was so high that
have become essential and finish the artwork-
public faculty.
All her paintings come from the soul. On
these good pictures
people, birds, animals
nye, flowers and legacy-
small angels. Each
the picture bears
so much positive
different emotions, good and
And no matter what,
senior research co-
an officer of the city
Museum Svetlana Ter-
Sheva sure - These EN-
Gela forever
will remain in our hearts
all that came to
an exhibition.".
A. Islanova

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Angel campfire
2000 y. / 37x29 cm
10 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : The Annunciation
2001 y. / 34x78 cm
10 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Summer
2001 y. / 39x46 cm
10 000 Rubles