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Artist Vanzin Alexander

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Alexander Vasin - artist self-taught or naive artist with contradictory creative charisma, autobiography and character. However taught to call Vansina not quite right. He was enrolled in art schools, art school, other, however, had dropped out for various reasons, and also took lessons in painting and studied drawing, creative perception of the peace for many artists. Including well-known global names, but these moments never says in the apparent modesty.
Born in Bashkiria, according to other sources, his parents are from Finland and the birthplace of the city of Helsinki, lives and works alternately Ufa and Moscow. For the entire period of its interruptible different circumstances of creativity has written more than five hundred paintings. Because neurologico nature difficult to communicate. What is not included in any art Union. Nevertheless cooperates with some. Not seeking produvt own paintings, often gives them, simply squandered, making it difficult to collect works for large-scale exhibitions and catalogues. Recent efforts of the art agents are organized important exhibitions, art Vansina moves to the General public.
For the artist continually stretches slef various kinds of conjectures, probably primarily because of its closeness to society. Little about him is known the true facts. Go to the creative environment and the environment of the artist, various publications, talks about his inadequacy, abnormality, probably partly because of its some dark paintings, the stories are mostly dark tones and moods, images of graveyards, scenes of misery and Woe. Reasons stated many, partly even because of wear surname which translates as mad. Why he performs under the pseudonym Alastair, Maquisard. As an art agent for the artist can be noted that such paralele farfetched. I available for viewing many of the artist\'s work and can assure you that many paintings of radiant faces and stories zhizneradosna and colorful. The opinion of some critics that the paintings are overwhelming as they say nowadays energy can not be trusted. That many people complain after seeing the picture of Vansina bad feeling that the pictures dream at night, monsters doing with canvases are trying their dreams to chase them or chvatil by the throat to a greater extent rather involuntary PR distributed by numerous well-wishers of the artist in the quotes of course. Vansina having the character beaten bulldog expelled in the trash crowds of offenders (quoted from one Internet publication). We assure that different people pressie his work in the house get colossal life-affirming, joyful, charge or as they say contemporaries drive. Especially the paintings on which Alastair depicts cats and cats. Of course we cannot deny its proniknovennuu feature to see available obinim people. He will never write a portrait if a person unfavorable as fashionable now to repeat the aura. It is known from numerous publications that picture indirectly affect people. Portraits written with people who supposedly soon leave blagoslovenny world then bring unhappiness, the picture painted by the artist vampire will lead owners to tragedy. But this observation, scanning the subtle world of the universe common to many creative people. Vantin is a bright world. His worlds depicted on his canvases paintings friendly, to attract people to goodness and happiness!
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Art agent of the artist Yves Silver (Silver rose)

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Sunny woman
2018 y. / 70x60 cm
12 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : The surf of the sea Artist Alastair, Maquisard
2019 y. / 120x80 cm
12 000 Rubles