Artist Aminjanov Alexander Temurovich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Saint-Petersburg

Aminjanov Alexander Temurovich - founder of a school for painting and Image Source, artist, teacher of adults and children, musician and traveler.

During his lifetime, has traveled all over Europe, and studied many works of art and masterpieces of France, Italy, England and many traveling exhibitions. I have, and in Asian countries including India and Thailand, where he lived for a long time, he painted and traveled.
In a lot of old illustrious ancestors. Grandfather, Asror Aminjanov was a famous artist and master mosaic. Praprapradeda Mikhail Lazarev discovered Antarctica in 1819 on the schooner "peace", as well as made with adimiralom Nakhimov trip around the world.
Alexander Aminjanov studied painting for 10 years. Of these, 4 years - directly from the artist Trepakov Sergei Vasilyevich. Trained in Italy in the city of Matera in school schedules and etching. Lived in Italy in Florence, and spoke with Italian artists at the Academy of Fine Arts.
Organizer of Workshops and courses at the summer festivals of music, art, dance and oriental "Inlakesh" and "Opening".
Has extensive experience teaching both children and adults.
Engaged in organization of free lessons to children in municipal libraries.

Alexander Aminjanov: exhibited in the building of the Union of Artists of Russia in St. Petersburg (2010),
exhibition in the international traveling festival (2011)
Exhibition in India in 2008

Alexander Aminjanov: now is the director of the art center Marata 22

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Flower and wave
2012 y. / 80x100 cm
820 $
Painting (Picture) : World
2011 y. / 80x60 cm
710 $
Painting (Picture) : Night
2014 y. / 80x100 cm
1 410 $
Painting (Picture) : Space
2013 y. / 60x80 cm
590 $