Artist Tomina Galina Nikolaevna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Novosibirsk

1969 – born in Kuibyshev city, Novosibirsk region

1984 – graduated school of art in Kuibyshev

1987 – graduated technical school. profession - decorator

1990 – graduated pedagogical college

2011 – graduated Novosibirsk Pedagogical University. Profession - special educator.

Work at special school for children with disabilities in Kuibyshev.I give lessons on visual art.
Under the guidance of mine, children take part in creativity competitions and gain the leads.
Work in realistic style, paint in oils and acrylic.
Took part in art exhibition in Kuibyshev.
Create for my own pleasure and for friends.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Yellow wood
2014 y. / 34x44 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Russian Birch
2014 y. / 24x33 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Summer flowers
2014 y. / 47x35 cm
200 $