Artist Belyavsky Artem

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Artem Belyavski is a craftsman and a jeweler who has been sharpening his skills for more than 10 years. In his day he graduated from the Carl Faberge University of Decorative Arts as a jeweler. For several years he worked at various jeweller’s workshops and companies where he developed his own style- a mixture of past and future, nature and technologies, natural materials and precious metals. Thus, in 2011 there was born a collection of mechanical adornments called “Artmechanics”. It seamlessly combined stylized elements of nature and moving mechanical parts. Presently Artem has created a new unique collection of jewels, which merge the glow of precious gems and metals with the fragrance of spices. This jewelry not only beautifies its owner, but also creates around her a captivating and seductive scent.

Work list
Jeweller art : Human heart
2014 y. / 2x2 cm
12 000 Rubles
Jeweller art : Gear earrings
2011 y. / 4x2 cm
12 500 Rubles
Jeweller art : Gear ring
2012 y. / 3x4 cm
9 000 Rubles
Jeweller art : coffee pendant
2013 y. / 3.5x2 cm
7 500 Rubles
Jeweller art : Pendant with cinnamon
2013 y. / 5x1 cm
8 000 Rubles
Jeweller art : Earrings with cinnamon
2013 y. / 3.5x1.2 cm
7 500 Rubles
Jeweller art : Cinnamon ring
2013 y. / 3x2 cm
5 500 Rubles
Jeweller art : Nautilus ring
2012 y. / 3x1.2 cm
12 000 Rubles