Artist Martirosyan Martiros

Country: Армения
City: Yerevan

You, me and all of us have a dream in the corner of our heart . You want to become an actor, I want to become an artist and he wants to become both an artist and an actor. Your friend have always dreamed of becoming a lawyer, your brother wanted to become a DJ and your sister wanted to become a doctor, but your friend is a businessman, your brother is a lawyer, your sister is a programmer; this is a phenomenon, which accompanies us during our lives.
Why is it so? Why many of us have hobbies and see themselves working in their favorite sphere, but they work and earn their living in another sphere.
This “why” accompanies people and the people who do not work in their favorite sphere always envy the ones who work in their favorite sphere.
For example there are people who want to go in for dancing, to get involved in psychology or cinemaart and are sure that they can do that but they work as a stamatologist or a psychologist, and they do not like they profession. Why are they afraid? What retrains them from their profession . I am sure that is because of the fear of failure , the absence of self- reliance, why not the money they earn.
It is surely possible to earn less, or lose financial inflows for some time. I know these are serious reasons but at the same time I am sure that they do not like their job, they just earn.
And me, a simple man, who had a job, but deep in the soul always dreamed of now I’ll tell and you will see how I coincided my work and earning.
I was born on the 28 th of September in 1958 in Yerevan, Armenia. In my teenage years when there were not troubles I studied sculpture in a group led by the famous sculptor Sergey Minasyan (Martiros Martirosyan, my grandfather, was a sculptor in Tavush, Armenia).
Durimg 1977-1979 , when I was serving in the Soviet army, and began to study painting and drawing. We were making wallpapers, photos and other images.
Then, as my parents said, came time for me to think about the future, and we went to Russia, to the city Tver, for me to study at the institute of law. Then came my time of earning and I started to work at <<Mezon >> military laboratory for over fifteen years
And then the long-awaited day finally came, which I want everyone to have, and I began to do my favorite work – painting. I did not study at a special art school, my school were the nature and nature miracles, which were available, and my eyes noticed them , and my hands, the movements of which were dictated by my soul, I reflected all those in the canvas, adding warmth and breath, because I painted them with love. My paintings were not graded by painting teachers, they were graded by my family, my friends, now you grade them too. I managed to overcome my fear of failure , which I felt as I came to an area where there were no self- educated artists , but there were artists who were taught by their fathers and grandfathers, famous artists, painters, from a very small age, who finished several painting schools, and my paintings could not find their place next to theirs . I was thinking like this ten years ago and now I know that I can, because I do my favorite job. I paint with the colors I want, and you\\\'re looking at my paintings.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Morning
2013 y. / 80x60 cm
43 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Four Season
2014 y. / 70x60 cm
69 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Landscape
2014 y. / 50x40 cm
27 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Landscape
2014 y. / 40x30 cm
11 000 Rubles