Artist Mogilevsky Sergey Yakovlevich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Samara

Mogilevsky Sergey.
Born in 1959 in Denov Surkhondaryo Uz.SSR.
Painting and drawing began in 1975 in the "creative studio" in Surkhandarya Regional Drama Theatre. them. M. Uighurs.
After leaving school he worked as an artist-decorator in Surkhandarya Regional Drama them. M. Uighurs. (1976-1977)
From 1977 to 1981, teaching at the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute. Nizami, art-graphic faculty, "drawing and painting." Teachers Nozhenko Boris and Mahmoud Mavzur Mansurovich.
During the period of study participation in regional, national and international competitions and exhibitions of young artists, students:
1979. - International Competition of political poster, "We - for peace!" - 3rd place
1980. - Republican Exhibition of paintings and drawings "My Motherland - Uzbekistan."
1981 - Competition for the sketch and design of mosaic panel lobby native institute - 1st place (Later thesis).
From 1983 to 2008 he worked mainly in watercolors and pastels in the romantic style. My works are in private collections residents Samara, Moscow, Milan, Tel Aviv, as well as being in organizations and institutions in Samara and Togliatti.
But the thoughts and aspirations were associated with transformation in painting Spirit and spirituality, through a new perspective on the development of his personality and the opportunity to bring something new into their creativity.
"Suddenly," in 2008 began to draw quite "unusual for me," and, unlike the previous romantic and pastel landscapes and nymphs, began to be born bright vibrating structure, esoteric symbols and images of life-affirming.
  As subsequently estimates esoteric masters, I learned that it was "in the flow of work." Started studying esoteric. The paintings have become more vivid and life-affirming. The spontaneity of creating these works brings joy not only to me, but I know that many of my friends, acquaintances and simply those who purchase my paintings.
That is, the picture is not always born on the preliminary plan, sketch, and by me unknown higher powers. Where I am just someone's guide and voplotitelem. Hopefully, GOD. So, how many people speak about my work as a joyful and light scenes, helping them to see the joy in the difficult moments of life. Having a work at home with high vibration, it is easier to cope with the negative, both in themselves and from the influences exerted on them from outside.
Main in my paintings - God, light and sun - BASIS OF LIFE ETERNAL SOUL.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Michael-2
2009 y. / 80x200 cm
40 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Michael
2009 y. / 300x200 cm
100 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Above blue sky
2011 y. / 100x90 cm
17 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : City 2000 years
2008 y. / 70x90 cm
27 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : To The Sky
2009 y. / 90x70 cm
17 700 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : St. Alexis the Horde
2011 y. / 100x80 cm
17 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : she
2011 y. / 100x80 cm
17 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : solar Angels
2010 y. / 100x120 cm
25 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Ganesha-777
2013 y. / 120x100 cm
2 500 $
Painting (Picture) : Archangel Michael
2014 y. / 85x60 cm
16 500 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Mystery
2011 y. / 70x60 cm
22 600 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : The vibrations of the Angels
2011 y. / 55x80 cm
17 800 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : about us
2011 y. / 60x65 cm
12 500 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : dance East
2011 y. / 90x60 cm
18 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Ganesha-888
2014 y. / 120x100 cm
73 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : anthem
2011 y. / 70x80 cm
21 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Defender-888
2013 y. / 80x100 cm
25 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Egyptian-888
2014 y. / 55x80 cm
31 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Osho-888
2014 y. / 100x80 cm
30 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Enlightened-888
2013 y. / 90x120 cm
30 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Sirius-888
2014 y. / 45x60 cm
17 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Buddha-888
2014 y. / 60x80 cm
20 000 Rubles