Artist Puzanova Olga Valtrevna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Lives and works in Moscow.

The basic exhibitions and catalogues:
1992 the Central house of the artist.
1992 World trade centre.
1993 Spring exhibition ЦДХ (29.03-12.04.1993) Gallery the UNION-CREATIVITY
1993 Foreign policy association.
1994 the Exhibition of works of the Russian artists in Cologne (Germany)
1994-1995г. An exhibition of the Russian artists (Germany)
1995 the Spring exhibition of the Moscow artists (МОСХ, Moscow, the Kuznetsk Bridge, 11).
1995 the Exhibition of young Moscow artists (ЦДХ, a hall №13, 31.10-14.11.1995).
1995.г. An exhibition in the Bulgarian Cultural centre (12.1995 Gallery the UNION - CREATIVITY).
1996 the Christmas exhibition "Landscape" in ЦДХ (12.1995 Gallery the UNION-CREATIVITY)
1996 the Exhibition of Moscow artists Park Place the Lenin prospectus, Moscow, gallery "Form"
1996 the Exhibition of works of the Russian artists to Frankfurt am Main.
1998 the Exhibition of the Moscow artists (МОСХ, the Kuznetsk Bridge, 11, Moscow)
1999 an Exhibition devoted on March, 8th, «To be the woman-art», the Federation Council, Moscow, street Dmitrovka, 26 (15.03-30.03.1999г., gallery the UNION-CREATIVITY)
The catalogue «Gallery the Union-creativity of 2001 Moscow»
2007-2008 the Exhibition in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation
2008 the Exhibition of the Union of artists of Russia «Christmas on Begovay» (28.12.2007-13.01.2008)
2008 the Exhibition of the Union of artists of Russia «We see the world enamoured eyes» (07.03-18.03.2008)
2008 the Exhibition «Russian week of arts» (RUSSIAN ART WEEK) Assembly of Arts, a category "Pro" (17.04-21.04 2008, Moscow, the Kuznetsk Bridge, 11)
2008 the Exhibition «Day of the artist» the International art fund (11.04.2008, Г, Moscow, B.Levshinsky of the lane)
2008 the Personal exhibition (01.09.-30.09.2008, gallery the UNION-CREATIVITY, Moscow, Triumphal square, д.1
2008 the Exhibition-competition it. In Popkov in the Moscow House of

Work list
Painting (Picture) : november
/ 95x80 cm
2 000 $
Painting (Picture) : v zarkiy polden
/ 55x30 cm
1 200 $
Painting (Picture) : grey
/ 35x50 cm
1 800 €