Artist Fauve Roanne

Country: France
City: Lyons

From his childhood in Roanne (Loire), Fauve engages in drawing and painting. She taught herself to drawing on art history books. As an adult, she practiced painting in parallel of his craft.
It begins with watercolor for 8 years. In 1997, she feels the need to work with other mediums (ink, acrylic, oil), collage and mixed media. She learns from the painter Georges Roget to \"Turne to Mignien\" headquarters of the association \"Friends of the Arts in Roanne.\"
From the 2000s, she devoted herself entirely to his art. It opens the \"Atelier Fauve\" in Roanne then transferring in 2005 to Saint-Haon-le-Châtel (Loire). Gradually Fauve perfected his technique. She builds her works from festive colors, passionate and put on canvas. She then places the lines and atypical forms from his unconscious.
She creates landscapes, fictitious and imaginary female characters. His creations are passionate, colorful and festive atmospheres represent. The dreamlike scenery pass the viewer a fresh and cheerful drunken impression. She shares her taste for the pleasures of life and painted scenes of daily life. His characters, the limit of the cartoon may have a happy look, sometimes nostalgic, melancholic but never sad.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Music in May
2014 y. / 25x25 cm
300 €
Painting (Picture) : Devant la télé
2014 y. / 36x36 cm
550 €
Painting (Picture) : still life
2014 y. / 19x19 cm
150 €