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Artist Dolinsky Alex Alex

Country: Kazakhstan
City: Almaty (Alma-Ata)

It was born in Алматы in 1976.

From little up, as well as all children, liked to draw. Could a clock draw not getting tired.
Me it was not tired of.When other children порисовав sex of hour left to play I could yet continue to draw,
strongly I was drawn by work.

However time шло, and love to drawing grew only. In young years liked to copy from books on history plots,
such as collection of duties, fights of gladiators, from Russian literature of illustration about border guards, all that was me
interestingly on a that moment.

In 1985 parents seeing my aspiring to drawing, bought to me paints oily and brushes. In a that year I wrote
the first picture by oil, a picture was named "Lighthouse".

I perceived it as fascination. Participated in different designer works from school, then it were walls of newspaper.
(For those who remembers). When computers appeared constantly developed коллажи for friends and acquaintances From photos.
Doing every kind facetious things with a photo, after it was given

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Winter
2015 y. / 55x75 cm
1 000 $