Artist Yushkova Irina Borisovna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Krasnodar

Let's get acquainted! My name is Irina Yushkova.
I live in the sunny city of Krasnodar Region Labinsk! And I think that is the most beautiful city on earth! Excellent pupil syndrome was not, though, and it was ... Higher Education. From early childhood, was a favorite pupil of the famous painter Alexei Kramarova Kuban, which no longer exists .... On the Internet there are a few projects: car blog, online store ..
In life I am an optimist and romantic! I live by the principle: "Never, one is required to do, and requires only of himself!" I believe that anger, criticism of others, guilt and fear create all our problems! But life is so simple and beautiful! What we give, we get.
I was very encouraged by the life story of the famous writer motivational books and founder of Hay House Publishing Company Louise Hay.
Here is what she wrote about herself:
"Up to 45 years of my life does not make much sense to me, and brought only misery and
At 45, I learned about positive thinking and began to write books.
At 50, I organized his own publishing house «Hey House».
55 I studied computer.
At 60 I began to study painting, sitting at a desk with her children. Began to write
paintings and sell them.
At 65 I decided to fulfill his childhood dream and enrolled in a dance studio.
Finally, I get satisfaction from the movements to the music.
At 70 I started practicing yoga seriously. My health has improved considerably in
body appeared flexibility and ease. Now I'm 76, I'm cheerful, healthy, very rich, confident look into the future and know that life will bring me more surprises.
And you still tell yourself that it's too late to engage in things that you really like, that is not the age, not the circumstances? The best time - now! "

I like to sit next to the fireplace, drinking coffee, enjoy the beautiful music ... ..and dream! .Pishu Picture only when there is inspiration ... and it haunts me very much .

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Russian snow leopard
2015 y. / 60x70 cm
45 000 Rubles