Artist Kansky Konstantin

Country: Russian Federation
City: Krasnodar

Born in 1968 in Krasnodar. He graduated from the Krasnodar art school in 1989. Since 1992 actively participates in exhibitions. In the artist's works are presented as genre compositions, still lifes, landscapes, portraits, and abstract, conditional compositions. The artist's works are kept in the collections of the Krasnodar art Museum. F. A. Kovalenko, Krasnodar regional exhibition hall of fine arts, in the collection of the art Museum of Sochi, as well as in private collections of collectors from Russia, Germany, USA, Czech Republic, France, Canada.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Cherries, Apple, jug
2016 y. / 60x75 cm
72 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Muzhichok
2017 y. / 50x40 cm
36 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : New land
2017 y. / 60x100 cm
72 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Musician in love
2017 y. / 50x65 cm
65 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Bay foggy
2007 y. / 50x40 cm
25 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Yellow River
2007 y. / 40x50 cm
25 000 Rubles