Artist Radtke Alexander

Country: Russian Federation
City: Ekaterinburg

Alexander aka Radtke - Uralian self-taught artist, expressionist, the ideologist of many projects.Born in the small town of Shadrinsk. For all time, the artist created five major series, which continue to evolve and added:
• Art Let's portraits of creators of art , close in spirit to the author ;
• Flowers and animals , the contemplative nature of the power of media art ;
• Ensemble of Shadows , canvases dedicated range of human emotions ;
• abstract, abstract paintings devoted to the search for spiritual beauty ;
• Berlin, a series in which the artist conveys his feelings of Berlin.

The artist also makes many other projects and techniques of creating not only paintings but also installations, drawings covers natural stones. All paintings and works are included in the direction of expressionism.

The list of exhibitions:

Joint exhibition «Museum of Everything #5» and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art London-Moscow-Yekaterinburg, entry in the directory, 2012

Personal exhibition «Let’s Art» at Vibe Room (Yekaterinburg), 2013

Personal exhibition at Experimental by Cute (Yekaterinburg), 2013

Participate in a master class and Joint exhibition with Uwe Jonas (Uwe Jonas, Berlin). Project installations «Along the way», Yekaterinburg, 2013

Workshop with Elizabeth Sonnek (Elizabeth Sonnek, Berlin) « Colour Traces», Gallery 11, Yekaterinburg, 2014

Personal exhibition Summit gallery, Yekaterinburg, 2014

Personal exhibition Lynch club, Yekaterinburg, 2014

Project in fashion and education for children «The magic fashion » with Nina Ruckina, Yekaterinburg, 2014

Joint exhibition «Night museum», Theater «Salut», Yekaternburg, 2014

Participation work in international APNOE festival, Urban Spree, Berlin, 2014

Personal exhibition «Let’s Art» at La Cantine d’Augusta, Berlin, 2015

Personal exhibition «That All by Alexander Radtke» at In Artist Studio, Berlin, 2015

Joint exhibition, SomoS gallery, Berlin, 2015

Personal exhibition «WWF» teather "Coliseum", Yekaterinburg, 2015

Work list
Painting (Picture) : What dream may come
2016 y. / 100x70 cm
100 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Cold Yellow Abstract
2015 y. / 50x50 cm
40 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Abstract II
2015 y. / 50x50 cm
40 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Glam Abstract
2015 y. / 50x50 cm
50 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Abstract I
2015 y. / 50x50 cm
50 000 €