Country: Russian Federation
City: Vladikavkaz

Born in 1961, on April 27 in Russia, in the city of Nalchik, in Kabardino-Balkariya.Po Alan nationality. Since childhood love fine искусство,скульптуру,музыку,архитектуру,поэзию,литературу and the world of true beauty and love, was captured by the Creator in the nature surrounding us ... And it motivated me to paint, and in 25 years, after serving in the Army, I went to the North Ossetian Vladikavkaz Art School ... who did not finish successfully iz neodekvatnogo incompetent for me against the director of the Art School))) Learning a freshman school, I participated in informal avant-garde exhibitions of contemporary art and with his friends, organized the first, informal, creative union in the North Caucasus ... Because of what is likely and was knocked out of the educational process, the school director, as he wondered how still not learned first-year student could participate in such "adult" activities as exhibitions and creative informal associations ... This happened at the beginning of the restructuring and it was all for me for the first time and again ... I did not expect that it can be left for the second year in school ... I had to pick up their instruments and go into adulthood that I sdelal.Posle this was to work and learn independently, increasing the skills and skill and learning from the great masters of the world ... later exhibited his works at national, zonal and international exhibitions and galleries mira.V 1991 I signed a contract with the Gallery of Modern Art "ALEKSOV ENTERPRISES, INC." and my work with Since then, exhibited in galleries in the US and published in the art izdaniyah.Seychas, works are in private collections России(Москва,Владикавказ...),Испания(Мадрид),США(Флорида,Джорджия,Саванна...) and in other countries and cities around the world. Unfortunately most of the photos of my work I have lost in the process of frequent relocations from place to place, as I certainly regret. I work in his own, unique style and his name has not come up with, since it connected the different techniques and approaches ... I hope that spectators and visitors of our virtual gallery. find in my work fragments of my soul and love ... Enjoy your view, Dear friends and visitors gallery "Art Bruno!"

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