Artist Bilous Taras Romanovich

Country: Ukraine
City: Dnepropetrovsk

Bilous Taras Romanovich, who was born in 1993, in the Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
To participate in such competitions:
1.-15.02.13 ,, ,, Golden bytes from the Academy Step, which took first place in the regional clipmaker ,, ,,
 with the work:
Video transmission:
several frames from the video.
2. Present-10.10.13 ,, you ,, Ukraino which also received first prize in the category ,, ,, Hudozhnє Buchan
Regional stage of the competition of creative works and a certificate of participation
in the final of the Ukrainian contest, which will be held in Ivano-Frankivsk 19-20.10.13.
with competitive video:

I invite to the transmission such as:
-Utrenny Cocktail on channel 51. Efіr August 21, 2013
-The Program "PEOPLE" on channel 34 - about the unique dot technique.

Shows, and other ...
-26.04.13-26.05.13. Exhibition of works in pencil and ink dots Bilous Taras
free space "Andrew Fish"
The representing of their work in Petrikovka Sinelnikovskoye area where the VII Regional
Festival and Fair of folk art "Petrikіvsky divotsvіt"
Pictures at an Exhibition:
an article was printed in the newspaper:
-Vystavlyal Work at the fair in honor of the anniversary Puzata hut.
The hostel -05.07.13 DNU №5 was an exhibition of works in pencil and ink dots - Taras Bilous. At the exhibition
visited by about 50 people from the hostel and the guys with the 34 channel.
Photo Events:
- Exhibition in the cafe in the Esperante Gagarin Photo:
- Exhibition at the fair in honor of the anniversary Puzata hut Photo:

Work list
Painting (Picture) : tendernes
2014 y. / 30x50 cm
Contract price