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Artist Tatti Lobanova (Tatiana) -

Country: Spain
City: Madrid

Professional fine art artist, digital artist, graphic designer, illustrator.
Artist statement- \"Life is colourful, beautiful and surprising. No drama in art!. Smile and enjoy it.\"
Paintings of Tatti Lobanova are full of good positive energy, kindness, humour, they are vivid, decorative, interesting composition, talkative, always have a message to give.
The unnic style of author is a mixture of decorative style, surrealism, humour with a touch of naive.
Absolutely endless phantasy, high creativeness, desire to share positive energy and love make these paintings to be loved by many people.
Tatti Lobanova lives in Spain, Marbella since 2006 . She has her paintings in many galleries in Russia and Europe, exhibitions and private collections.
Also featured digital artist and illustrator .

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Lavish cow
2016 y. / 95x62 cm
600 €
Painting (Picture) : A girl with a cat and a bird
2014 y. / 73x62 cm
700 €
Painting (Picture) : Belly dancer XXL
2013 y. / 100x63 cm
900 €
Painting (Picture) : "Europe on a bull"
2012 y. / 100x73 cm
700 €
Painting (Picture) : "A photo from one social event"
2012 y. / 92x73 cm
1 500 €
Painting (Picture) : "A girl with apples"
2013 y. / 95x62 cm
800 €