Artist Grebneva Tatiana

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

The artist of decorative art (tapestry, batik, costume). Born August 22, 1965 in Krasnoyarsk. She graduated from the Moscow School of Industrial Art
them. Kalinin, Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (former Stroganov). A member of the Artists Union of Russia, holds a diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts (2005), in 2007 became the winner of the regional award in the field of culture, art and literature.

Work list
Pannel : Snow in the city
1998 y. / 118x220 cm
1 500 000 Rubles
Pannel : Woody
2015 y. / 143x143 cm
500 000 Rubles
Pannel : Trace of the beast fallen in the snow
2014 y. / 143x143 cm
500 000 Rubles