Artist Ih Dagaldagch

Country: Russian Federation
City: Novosibirsk

Ih Dagaldagch (1976 — 2013) — the Mongolian artist, the restorer, the painter of battle-pieces, the historian. He was born spring of 1976 in Ulan Bator. He was the only child in a family. He got a Buddhist education and he was a monk in one of monasteries in Ulan Bator. He in a meditative state painted pictures. He was always interested in a subject of war and peace. In 34 years he left the monastery and devoted himself to creativity. The last years of life he traveled in historical places of the country much, he participated in many research expeditions as the artist-restorer. Over time its painting becomes more aggressive and emotional. Its most known works: "Father" of 2011, "Crying of the woman" 2011, "Spirit of the soldier" 2013. He died in 2013 in road accident on the 37th year of life.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : the spirit of a warrior
2013 y. / 80x110 cm
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