Artist Rogacheva Elena Evgenievna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Rogatchyova Elena Evgenevna 1957г. A member of association of the union of artists, the head of masterful scrappy technics of a recreation centre of \"Berendej\", Moscow.

Has begun the creativity working for the known Russian designer, the master of scrappy technics of Elena Pelevinoj.

15 years Elena Rogatchyov are engaged печворком (patchwork), after parting with Elena Pelevinoj\'s centre, began to develop this direction using

New techniques. Its things participated in many exhibitions г Moscow.

About 10 years Elena and her son realises trade in a world renowned place the Opening day in Izmajlovo.

People of all countries and nationalities buy its masterpieces of art.

Recently Elena has taken a great interest in an iconography and the writing of pictures oil.

Work list