Artist Yasenitsky Igor Mihailovich

Country: Belarus
City: Minsk

Born in 1941 in Leningrad. He studied at the Leningrad art school (1953-1957). In 1975 finished Leningrad Higher art and industrial school. Mukhina. Belongs to the pleiad of artists \"gazanevshina\". In September 1975 he participated in the exhibition in the Palace of culture \"Nevskiy (Leningrad) together with artists nonconformists E Rohini, Zharkikh, E. Abezgauz, A. Ischium, E. Esaulenko, A. Rappoport, V. Rohling. Was part of an organized at that time in Leningrad TEII (Association of Experimental Art). Participated in the apartment exhibitions of nonconformist artists. His works are kept in the Museum of nonconformist art in St. Petersburg (Pushkinskaya 10), in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Work list