Sculptor Prokopchuk Oleg Grigorevich

Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev

Vyzhnickoe finished school of the applied art. In 1972 protected the diploma of Moscow higher artistic-industrial school (former Stroganovskoe) on speciality «architectural-decorative the plastic arts». Teachers: Burchanov And. N., Shul'c And., Rabinovich P. L.. Member of national union of artists of Ukraine with 1977 His artistic legacy is made by ten of works of monuments, busts of personages, memorial plaques and other.
Bronze figure of sugar-refinery — patron of art, about which in the dictionary of Brokgauza and Efrona talked : « A capitalist is a benefactor», poured off in 1899 in Paris on the project of the known sculptor of academician And. N. Opekushina. Soviet power marked the arrival on Sumschinu elimination of bronze Kharitonenko . His place was taken the by Lenin. Ivan Gerasim returned on a native pedestal in 1996: his sculpture was recovered on offerings of sumchan. Sculptors: Ivchenko And. And., Prokopchuk O. G. Osnovnye works: monument three times to the hero of Soviet Union Kozhedubu And. M., memorable sign to the victims of golodomora of 1932—1933 g.g., sculptural composition «malyshi-sladkoezhki» is Sumy, monument to the warriors-afghan — Akhtyrka.
Works in area of monumental and machine sculpture, model'ernoy the plastic arts, water-colour, oily painting. Created the row of sculptural portraits of our contemporaries. Aspires to the recreation psychologically difficult, inellektual'no of rich appearances, prominent people of Sumschiny. In particular poet-fabulist of Runner of V. of P., lyric poet-poet of Rodent And. P., poet Dan'ka N. N., artist Shapoval And. L., graphic arts of Ranera of V. I., olympic champion Shaporenko And. N., writer Carika Yu. M., and many other.
Executed the memoreal'nye boards of David Burlyuka on building of Aleksandrovskoy of gymnasium Sumy (2007), Aleksandra Olesya, memorial plaque to prominent lawyer Stashisu on building of the Ukrainian academy of banking (2001), Paul Klyuchiny. Executed for an interior schools of arts and culture of the name of D. S. Bortnyanskogo as gift bust-portrait of D. Bortnyanskogo.

Exposed itself the special creative fantasy as an artist is in a water-colour. Philosophical approach of ideological-vivid decision of theme inherent many to with a plot compositions.
Got the diploma of finalista of international exhibition of competition «Prokhorovskoe the field» is Russia, a diploma of competition the name of Nick Makarenko is Kiev, recipient of an award many deeds of oblgosadministracii, diploma of minister of culture of Ukraine, the «Deserved artist of Ukraine is pulled out on a rank». After completion of educational establishment works as an artist — sculptor in Sumskikh artistically — production workshops of the Artistic fund of Ukraine.From 1971 actively joined in creative activity, is the permanent participant of regional, allukrainian and foreign exhibitions.

In 1977 was accepted in the National union of artists of Ukraine. For creative period created the row of monuments, busts, memorial plaques to the prominent figures of area and country. In particular: monument to the lost warriors of s s. Mogrica (1974), monument to the lost warriors of s s. Shevchenkovo, Konotopskogo of district (1976), a bust of secret service hero-agent K. S. Gnidash is a s s. Sologubovka, Romenskogo of district (1978),monument three times to the hero of Soviet Union Kozhedubu And. N. to Sumy (2005). Won in a competition on creation of monument to Golodomoru of 1932—1933 g.g. to Sumy, a monument is created and set in November, 2008.
Sculpture «malyshi-sladkoezhki» on a street Voskresenskoy is set to the 355year of city to Sumy. It is a contribution of memory of saccharine industry of monogynopaedium of Kharitonenko, due to which a city attained prosperity in XIX age.A bronze boy on a chair eats up sugar from a sack, and a girl stands alongside. Any passer-by can join in with them, sitting down on a free chair. Sculptor of O. Prokopchuk.
Now works as the teacher of the Sumskogo state pedagogical university the name of And. P. Makarenko. Conducts active pedagogical work — prepared part of students and students for the further teaching in the academies of arts Kharkov, Lvov, Kiev. Conducted five personal exhibitions to Sumy, in Kiev.

For long-term creative activity Oleg Prokopchuk is a recipient of an award a medal And. E. Repina, by a medal «60 years of liberation Sumy from fascist invaders»,

Monument to the victims of golodomora to Sumy. On stele of memorial from metallic letters inscription is collected: «Bring indescribable pain, melancholy, on eternal pam''yat' and rest the victims of Golodomoru of 1932-1933». Sculptor of O. Prokopchuk.
ecipient of an award the diploma of Management of culture and tourism of Sumskoy Oblgosadministracii, by a diploma city heads of Sum for creation of monument And. Kozhedubu, by the diploma of chairman of Sumskoy regional state administration.

His name is added to the book «Sumschina in the names».

Work list
Bust : Taras Shevchenko
1971 y. / 90x45 cm
680 $
Bust : Yuriy Gagarin
1980 y. / 37x20 cm
550 $
Painting (Picture) : In the halo
1998 y. / 57x40 cm
115 $
Painting (Picture) : Apple glare
2000 y. / 61x43 cm
123 $
Painting (Picture) : Golden night (Fairy tale)
2001 y. / 49x71 cm
139 $
Painting (Picture) : Angel slumbered
2001 y. / 34x46 cm
112 $
Painting (Picture) : Pink noon
2001 y. / 36x48 cm
117 $
Painting (Picture) : Save
2000 y. / 49x71 cm
133 $
Painting (Picture) : Mourning
1996 y. / 48x36 cm
117 $
Painting (Picture) : Card game
1997 y. / 36x48 cm
118 $