Artist Voytenok Alena Vitalevna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Voytenok Alena Vitalevna (1992)
In 2011, specialty "Fine arts and crafts", Saratov State Technical University, graduated with honors, receiving the qualification of "Master Artist".
In 2012 he entered the Moscow State University of Design and Technology at the Department of "Costume Design".
Participation in exhibitions:
• 2010, Saransk - winner of the Interregional professional exhibition "Volga young";
• 2010, the Saratov branch of the Union of Artists of Russia - participation in regional art exhibition "Between Past and Future";
• 2011, Saratov - Grand Prix of the festival of youth fashion «Bonne chance ...» and a special diploma for "Best artistic image" of Saratov State Art Museum named after Radishchev
• 2011, Saransk - Winner of the All-Russian art exhibition "Big Volga".
• 2011, Saratov - "Masters League high-style 2011" nomination "Debut of the Year"
• 2012., Saratov - Grand Prix of fashion «FASHION ROOM 2012"
• 2012, Engels - Winner of I degree regional selection round of "Volga Style" of international fashion competition "Couturier of the Year 2012"
• 2012, Moscow - Winner of the III degree of the International competition "Couturier of the Year 2012"
• 2012, Moscow - member of the "Spring Salon - 2012" competition creative women - artists of Russia.

Work list
Embroidery picture : Masquerade
2011 y. / 65x90 cm
Contract price
Embroidery picture : Keeper of the land
2010 y. / 100x80 cm
Contract price
Embroidery picture : Evening dew
2010 y. / 60x70 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : The bee
2013 y. / 32x24.5 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Pretty crocodile
2013 y. / 32x50 cm
Contract price